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    Trying to make everything of the show's underlying story arc about Jacob finding his replacement make sense, I came up with these ten points/mini-essays:

    1. Jacob has been bringing people to the Island for millennia, trying to find someone who can take over his role and thus kill his brother.

    2. Jacob's plans become increasingly philanthropic: he tries the US Army, then the Dharma Initiative, with his chosen candidate leading each group. They prove unworthy and so Jacob decides to go on a big recruitment drive. He brings together a group of people and ensures that they get on the same plane, recruiting from an early age those time travellers who he saw inciting the Incident. Knowing that a man who time travelled to 1977 left a diary describi…

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  • Rtozier

    There have been several visions of dead people, on and off the Island.

    This is an attempt to explain them without referencing the Flash Sideways Timeline, which in my opinion was too poorly set up and poorly executed to be taken seriously. The two references to it in the original timeline, Juliet's dying thoughts and Desmond's experiences after being blasted by Widmore, can be explained as the decaying effect of trauma on sanity, or at least on the ability to tell the difference between the material world and the Island's trapped spirits. If the FST must be acknowledged at all, let it be as the dead characters' collective hallucination - if Season 6 had to have the FST, I would have preferred that that season's episodes centred on character…

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  • Rtozier

    Sixth shift (2007 or later): The day of Locke's funeral.

    Ninth shift: The day the hatch blew up.

    Tenth shift: The day Flight 815 (whose passengers did the blowing up) crashed.

    Eleventh shift: The day the same people blew open the hatch.

    Twelfth shift: December 31, 2004, the day Ben moved the Island. If only Locke could have left the island at that point...

    Thirteenth shift: The day Ben first arrived on the Island, in 1973.

    Locke's interactions with the Man in Black in the form of Christian under the Orchid happen in 2004, as the Man in Black is not time travelling.

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  • Rtozier

    The Lost Articles, 2007-2012

    September 4, 2012 by Rtozier

    Narrator's Note:

    Hello again, folks! It's been a long time since I published the latest truth behind

    What Really Happened in Lost, in the period knowable as Creation to 2007. However,

    while I intend at some point to publish the rest of that series, I am here today to

    provide you with brand new information about an entirely new aspect of the Lost saga:

    the truth of the period 2007-12: knowable as What Is Happening Now or What Has Happened

    Since The End. Please don't worry about the publications of the rest of the What Really

    Happened series; it may have been two years, but I'm getting to it, and I certainly

    don't intend on taking any long walks along Maine's Route 5 in the process. I'm not

    Stephen King, but the reference (regardless of whether my ta…

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  • Rtozier

    Another Lost Poem

    September 16, 2010 by Rtozier

    "And it's impossible to know all along" - QOTSA, Another Love Song

    "Impossible to tell in autumn" - Robert Pinsky, Impossible to Tell

    There's a Stephen King reference in the poem as well

    It's been a while since I've been here. I do intend on uploading the rest of the fully explained Lost saga, as it is in my head, sometime. Here, in the meantime, is a poem that I wrote at 4 in the morning.

    Even if three days ago we die,

    And have a clean slate, still we dirty it:

    No matter where we are, or how something

    Like that happens, life is still full of grit.

    My thoughts chase me through murky jungle depths

    Like polar bears two hours gone from their cage

    And I must confess: I just do not have

    What it takes. I alight in fiery rage.

    Meat and potatoes: that’s the r…

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