i know some people did catch things and missed some things so im going to put down everything i think is a lead and if i miss anything or there is a disagreement pleas post. so lets start with jacob talking to hugo.... what i took away from that was that they are all now in the same time... dont know how or why but we now know the man in black can become the form of dead people. as far as we know he is the only person that can do this. is it possible that he took the form of jacob to talk to Hurley? yes he can see dead people but the beauty is that he knows this and would be easily fooled... at the same time he was talking to jacob the man in black was alone while ben went out to talk to Richard. also Richard was on the black rock, that one pretty easy to get... but back to MIB telling Hurley to take Sayid to the temple. who else was taken to the temple? oh ben and we all know how evil he became after that. so if shy little ben turns into the man we know from the first 5 seasons after going to the temple then imagine Sayid doing the same... almost scary.. but why? no clue really but in its own way it makes scene right? if you are an evil person wouldnt you want more evil to come about?...Also something else as far as they contradicting story they are telling us with on the island of the island things we do now know that the coffin was always empty that held, what we thought to be Christian is empty, .. as far as john locke said. so lets say he was right and its empty. why do we still see Christian on the island. remember they did not change anything before they took off in Sydney.