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    Ok, just to be clear, this is not a theory, just some thoughts and comparisons. Also, I know that some of you don't approve of discussing religion on this website, but Christianity is a major theme in Lost. I just noted a few parallels between Jesus' story, and Jack and Christian.

    • First, Christian's name is an obvious reference to Jesus. Jesus = the Christian "Shepherd". Jack, also means "God is gracious".
    • Next, think about the symbolism of Christian opening the doors of the church at the end of the finale. Some people interpreted the "moving on" scene as going to heaven, with the Flash Sideways being purgatory. When Jesus died, he "opened the doors to heaven". When Christian died, he literally opened the doors to what some people interpret …
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  • Ocie14

    With splinters in their eyes, they carry on

    Not trusting even the light of dawn

    Sixteen souls, 18 seats

    Lives cross lives, streets cross streets

    They lay down upon their sun

    Close your eye, now it's done

    The spokes turn the world around

    Baby, let's break free of this town

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    Not fair!

    September 17, 2010 by Ocie14

    Ok, so for english class, we had to write a bio poem. I got a 70! Here it is:


    Unique, fun loving, talkative, empathetic [I just put in generic stuff :P]

    Who is a sibling of ******, ******, ******, *******, ******, *******, ******, and ******.

    Who loves Lost

    Who feels the need to watch Lost

    Who gives comparisons between life and Lost

    Who would like see England

    Who shares Lost

    Who is a resident of ******, Georgia.

    Lost fan

    He said that I needed more "depth" and less "obsession"! What do ya'll think?

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  • Ocie14

    Did Desmond Lie?

    September 11, 2010 by Ocie14

    OK, some people say that Desmond lied to Charlie so he could be with Penny. Maybe I'm biased (look at my picture), but I don't think he did. He had a flash of Charlie getting struck by lightning, but that DIDN'T happen because something changed. Desmond even offered to swim down to the looking glass himself, and he would of if Charlie had not bonked his head. Let's take a vote, who think he lied, who thinks he didn't?

    He didn't lie - 11 votes

    He did lie - 7 votes

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    OK is this weird...

    September 10, 2010 by Ocie14

    Kinda random, but my cousin found Zoe and Charlotte hot. Zoe?? I don't understand. Like with Kate and Juliet and Claire, he found Zoe hot?? I don't know, everyone's different I guess. Just thought it was kinda interesting.

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