NotAnOther NotAnOther 26 May 2009

"Thanks, I Just Ate"

In the finale opening we saw Jacob merrily catching, cooking, and eating his fish and generously offering some to Otherman. But did anyone else get the creeps when Otherman/Black Shirt Dude answered, "Thanks, I just ate". I'm guessing he didn't eat a fish or a mango. All I can see is him in Smoke monster form 'devouring' his prey. I suppose taking people's memories, and sucking their souls out or whatever he did to the Frenchies, could be his way of "eating". *Shiver* I'm starting to think the dark-haired dude we see is just his impersonation of his last unfortunate victim. Something is weird about that guy, that's all I'm gonna say.

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NotAnOther NotAnOther 17 May 2009

The Mother of all Theories (pun intended)

I'm going to preface this by saying that while I know it's a bit out there, I liked the idea so much that I had to blog it. And as far as I can tell (I've read nearly all of the LP blogs since Wednesday) no one else has put this theory out there...

  • 1 There's Always a Clue to the Big Surprise
  • 2 And We thought Claire was the Important Momma
  • 3 First Mother-Baby casualties of the Incident? Or Very Special Mothers Indeed?
  • 4 More Black and White

Though it’s probably meant to be a Season 6 surprise, I think we have enough clues to infer that both Kate and Juliet are now pregnant. The Kate is pregnant theory is old news at this point, but only since last Wed did we get the not-so-subtle hint of Juliet putting her hand to her belly as they left Jacob’s–I…

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NotAnOther NotAnOther 12 May 2009

Hashing Out What ''Might'' Be About To Happen

Ok, here’s one for all you strictly “Whatever Happened Happened” fans and all you “They will change everything” fans.

Let’s call a temporary truce and say that we all have great minds and well thought out theories, but maybe the answer goes beyond all our theories. Maybe (Hopefully) the answer will be something new and totally surprising to us all, no matter what side of the aisle we’re on.

So what should we do in our truce time? Certainly not stop theorizing on this most excellent topic of time travel and can you change the past/future/present. Let’s see if we can look more closely at a few parts of the more grandiose theories about whatever might have happened.

  • 1 Setting the Scene - What we know about the Incident/Swan
  • 2 The Swan Orientation Vi…

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NotAnOther NotAnOther 3 May 2009

Who is/are the Variable(s) and ''how'' can they change Whatever Happened?

Although I like Daniel's theory that people are the variables because they have free will, I think that their status as variables in any given equation (e.g., the incident = ax +by +cz…) is, well, variable. In other words, some people may be able to affect real change while others cannot.

  • 1 The ‘D’ variable
  • 2 But can anyone else be a variable?
  • 3 Who can’t be a variable?
  • 4 What about the others (no not the Others)?
  • 5 What about the Oceanic 6?
  • 6 And then there were none
  • 7 Where oh where is Claire?
  • 8 What lies in the Shadow of the Statue?
  • 9 Where does faith come into the equation?

I’ve believed for a long time that Desmond can change the past. And for a long time I thought he was, as Dan said, uniquely and miraculously special this way. In Flashes Before You…

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NotAnOther NotAnOther 1 May 2009

1974-2005 Time Loop

An interesting thought... The island can never move beyond 2005, except if it is "moved" again (via frozen donkey wheel, incident, etc.). Otherwise, it will just get to 2005 and then move back to 1974. If the rule "Whatever happened happened" means what everyone thinks it means.

Therefore, since 316 landed and Sun & Frank rowed over to the island in 2007/8, then we know it has been "moved" again. That or Whatever happened didn't really happen.

I'm gonna guess some variable will change whatever happened...

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