I've been rewatching season 1 lately, and it really bothers me how much people get angry with Locke! I mean, it seems like someone is always mad at him (mostly Jack..ugh) and really he is just a sweet old man. 1)He built the cradle for Aaron. Such a touching moment. And 2)He found Vincent and then let Michael give him back to Walt, finally giving Walt a chance to bond with his dad. I'm sure there are much more touching Locke moments as well.

I understand people not understanding Locke's ways of doing things, but really..he's the only one who knows how to hunt, he obviously has a big heart, and he's the only one in the beginning that cares about finding anything out about the island.

It's odd that the Losties are so slow to trust him. Maybe they sense something about he's been the nemesis all along!!!??? Muahahahaha.