Ok so my favorite (and most handsome) character got almost no screen time in the last season. He married his true love and had a kid. That's all well and good and I'm happy for the guy. I would love if he could just stay in the real world and live out his seemingly perfect life. I'm pretty sure he can't, but WILL Desmond's story play out?

I find it disappointing that he went to all the trouble of lying to Penny and going to Los Angeles to see Faraday's mom and then get angry and run away. Mrs. Hawking told him that he is not exempt from the island's will and he needed to go back too. She told him that he is crucial to the whole plan.

So we know that he was shot, but is ok. Mrs. Hawking claimed that for the first time she didn't know what was going to happen. So how will Desmond get back to the island? Will he go back? Will he bring Aaron? As far as I know, for everything to play out like it should (whatever that may be), everyone that was involved must come back.

So here's hoping ole Dessie gets some more play next season. And oh yeah, any thoughts or theories would be much appreciated :)