It's a project I've been writing solo. I've been writing the episodes since last May. (Though I've had the ideas for the story developing on and off on the backburner since the middle of 2015.)

I wanted to do it as a tribute to Lost, since it is my favorite television series and one of my primary inspirations that interested me in storytelling.

For many years after the series ended, I believed a "Season 7" was untenable. Season 6 was a fairly definitive ending in terms of character, plot, and mythology arcs, as well as in terms of exploring the central themes, as well as in terms of the poetry and structure of Season 6. I always believed that, if Lost ever returned, it should be in the form of a spinoff (like "The Adventures of Hurley and Ben"), or perhaps as a sequel series with a new cast ensemble (a "Lost: The Next Generation").

Nonetheless, what started out as just my privately entertaining the prospect of a "continuation" to the original Lost eventually materialized over months, years, into a challenge, and then into an investment in a definitive story, an epilogue/coda of sorts. So my goal is to not undermine Season 6's role as the "proper" ending, but to write a follow-up story that feels closely connected to the first six as a supplement.

I am very enthusiastic about the story for my Season 7. I don't want to give away many details of the story yet. I want to leave a lot of it a surprise for a while. Although I may or may not post a couple of "teaser" scenes over the next few weeks. I've also created a promotional "DVD cover" for my Season 7, which I may show closer to time. (The "cover" has some clues to the season's storylines.)

I currently plan to post it on my site, which I haven't opened up for public yet. There will be about 15-16 episodes, each of which I will "air" each week (possibly with a short hiatus or two) from February until May, although I haven't set precise dates yet. I will begin the premiere with two episodes and conclude the finale with a double-length (two-part) episode.

UPDATE - 1/12: Posted the first sneak peek of the season.

UPDATE - 1/16: Okay, so here's another sneak peek. It's a piece of scene from an episode again this time, though it's shorter than last week's. And like last week, I have redacted some details from the preview that you will be able to see in the full episode.

Here it is: