Michaelisinthecoffin Michaelisinthecoffin 27 April 2009

Let's Not Turn Lostpedia into Wikipedia

In the past few weeks, I've noticed an unsettling change in the tone of debate on Lostpedia.

To be fair, conflict has always taken place here (and everywhere). Like a microcosm of any large group IRL, there's bound to be disagreement. Disagreement is good and healthy. It causes us to reevaluate thoughts and ideas that we hold. In doing so, we either correct those in which we are wrong or we reinforce our beliefs when we are right.

But with disagreement often comes the uninvited guests of temper, irrationality, and personal attacks.

In any other forum, wiki, or comment board, I am rarely affected by such flaming. In fact, I'm not too self-important to admit that I often find it entertaining: like a nature program, our species' interactions wit…

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