This man seems to a certain degree to know what he is talking about - but he loses a lot of points for his style. His paragraphs are large and blocky, and they would benefit much from being broken up into individual sections. His grammar is solid, but he seems to lack an understanding of the key mechanics of punctuation.

That being said, he still makes effective points about the rights of people to use drones freely. Particularly when he compares posting videos that violate drone regulations to posting videos that violate copyright - the former, according to him, are regularly and without hesitation noted to those in charge of regulating them, while the latter are often ignored and inconsistently taken down if they are taken down at all.

His examination of drone apps to your phone, particularly his knowledge of no less than 10 individual features of one such app and its benefits. In any event, for all of his possible grammatical failures, his knowledge is clearly solid. Although his post may seem to lapse into a bit of un-based sentimentality at the end - "LET THEM, LET THE MIND BE FREE" - he still clearly acknowledges the importance of current rules and upholding them, and effective uses his knowledge to back up his opinions.

- Master Tej -!documentDetail;D=FAA-2015-0150-0488