I am new to this site and completely obssessed with it. I have some thoughts and would love some feedback! 1. Does anyone think we are missing something so obvious, in a "Sixth Sense" kind of way? I mean you had to watch "Sixth Sense" twice- the second time knowing that Bruce Willis was dead. I think that once Lost is over, we'll all have buy the dvd's and watch it all over again, knowing what was really going on- genius on the part of the producers! 2. There was a book written by Jean-Jacques Rousseau (John, Jack, Rousseau?) Called "Julie Or The New Heloise" (Juliet? Eloise?) Published by Rey (or Reyes- Hurley's last name?). Rousseau was also a philosopher- a common theme on Lost. 3. A movie came out in 1979 called "The Black Hole" distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, featuring characters named Charlie, Kate, Alex, and a robot called Vincent. Am I reaching here?