Just got done watching "Live Together, Die alone" and noticed the part where Desmond says he is saving his book "Our Mutual Friend" so it will be the last thing he reads before his death and the guard says this would only work if Desmond knew when he was going to die, which is kind of true. Desmond gave a smirk like he knew something and considering the time travel stuff that's going on now I think it's very probable that Desmond has indeed seen his own death. Desmond can see into the past and future as we've seen on the show, has he truly seen his own death at some point? If so how could the past Desmond know about this if he hasn't even gone to the island yet? Coupled with the my previous post about Desmond's parents not being introduced into the show yet I think Desmond to be by far the most important character on the show. Just looking for some thoughts.