When Lost was on the air the community around the show was enormous. Websites, forums, blogs and podcasts were founded to provide places for fans to come together and discuss the show; "the online water cooler" as it was once called by someone (no idea who!) Every week fans of the show would rush online after an episode to discuss what had happened.

Sadly, the vast majority of these places are no longer in existence. Some have been fully saved by The Internet Archive, some partially and some have been lost entirely.

Lostpedia is an amazing resource that has captured much of the fandom that exists (existed) around the show but unfortunately much of what it links to externally is gone. The official ABC website is gone. The Sky1 website that hosted an immense amount of content is also gone and along with it what looks like season 6 of the Lost Initiative Podcast, gone. The Fuselage where cast and writers would discuss the show with fans? Gone. Lost-media which was the go-to place for screenshots? Gone!

I count myself lucky to have been able to watch the show as it aired and take part in the absolute madness that was a post-episode thread on somewhere like The Fuselage - remember the hatch map? Crazy!!!

Obviously with the show long having since ended those days will never return, but anyone wanting to see what is was like will have a tricky time finding it.

Updating as many broken links to The Internet Archive as possible is a project I think that this place needs. The scale of the job is enormous though and not one I can do alone. Hopefully someone will see this, be inspired and get linking!

--Joermcfc (talk) 14:50, June 30, 2020 (UTC)