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Box promo shot for season one
StatusInanimate object
Date of BirthUnknown
Place of originA box factory
ProfessionA box
ConnectionIn many episodes
Portrayed byMatthew Box

A mysterious box appears everywhere in LOST. The box is box-like in shape, size, color, taste and smell. It even sounds like a box. In fact, this box is such a box that box-stores across North America, Europe, and North-West Luxembourg have sold out of boxes. It may even contain something.

General Information

Boxes are highly variable receptacles. When no shape is described, a typical rectangular box may be expected. Nevertheless, a box may have a horizontal cross-section that is square, elongated, round or oval; sloped or domed top surfaces, or non-vertical sides. A box normally may be opened by raising, sliding or removing the lid, which may be hinged and/or fastened by a catch, clasp, or lock. Whatever its shape or purpose or the material of which it is fashioned, it is the direct descendant of the chest, one of the most ancient articles of domestic furniture. Its uses are innumerable, and the name, preceded by a qualifying adjective, has been given to many objects of artistic or antiquarian interest. The word 'box' is also slang for the female genitalia, due to its hollow nature.

Boxes have a prominent role in the Metal Gear Solid video-game series, where in the protagonist utilizes boxes as an espionage device to sneak past his enemies.

Source: Wikipedia

In Flashback

3x18 lots of boxes

Sun has lots of boxes

"D.O.C." revealed that the Kwon family had "lots of boxes". These are likely prototypes made by Paik Heavy Industries for the magic box found on the island.


Identity Theories

Number Theories

  • There are many numerical links between LOST and boxes;
    • Boxes are square. A square has exactly 4 sides.
    • A box has 6 sides; 6 is exactly halfway between 4 and 8, both numbers.
    • A box also has exactly 8 corners.
  • If the three letters of box were turned into numbers, (B=2, O=15 and X=24) 2 is pretty close to 4, O would be 15 (which IS one of the numbers) and 24 is darn close to 23. Add them all up and what do you get? 41! That's almost 42!
  • The sum of the numbers is 108, if you reverse this number (801) and replace the 1 with and x, you get 80X, which looks like BOX, so something is definately going on there.

Flight 815 Theories

  • The box is the REAL reason that Flight 815 crashed.
  • The box is actually the Flight 815 black box, and is caught in a time vortex.
  • The box IS Flight 815.
  • The box is the magic box, or a prototype of it.

From a Sayid flashback. Are
the Losties trapped in here?

Island Theories

  • The island is inside the box.
    • God cannot see the contents within the box because of the uniquely opaque quality of the cardboard used (the box is probably corrugated).
  • The box is DHARMA Initiative Station 7 of 6.
    • The box has QUARANTINE written on the inside of it.
  • The box is a clue to the Island's real location - BOX is the 3 letter code for the airport in Borroloola, Australia. [1]
  • The box is behind the concrete barrier in the Swan and responsible for the magnetic phenomena on the Island.

Miscellaneous Theories

  • The box was created by Locke during his stint at the box company.
  • Will be an integral part of Season 3.
  • The box is the reason Jack got his tattoos.
  • The box paralyzed Locke, gave Rose cancer, and made Jin infertile.
  • The box is Christian Shephard's REAL coffin.
  • The box contains dogfood, for that reason it can be seen in Michael's Flashback (near Vincent) and Sun's who has a dog, too (named Popo).
  • The Statue was transported to the Island in a large box.
  • There are actually several boxes on the Island, each being marked as a rectangle on the Blast Door Map.
  • It may be a nod to the sandbox on LOSTpedia - it's on a desert island, so the theory that it contains sand is very plausible.

Unlikely Theories

  • Some have claimed the BOX is just a reused prop.

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A shaded 3d rendering of the box.

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