Gregaus Gregaus 19 January 2017

My LOST Tribute - "So It Begins..."

This is the follow up to my 2014 ten year tribute video. I re-used much of the same footage but this time put it to a new, amazing track, "Freedom Fighters" by Two Steps from Hell. I wanted to make something that would either inspire someone to watch LOST for the first time, or spark a rewatch for those that have already seen it.

I'm very proud of it. I hope you like it too.

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Gregaus Gregaus 27 March 2016

The Science Behind Lost's Foucault Pendulum

The Dharma Lamp Post Station's Foucault pendulum seen in season 5 episode, 316 (used to find the Island), is much more than just a cool looking prop. There is actually some solid and compelling scientific thinking behind it.

Here I will touch on the science of why the movement of the pendulum was such a clever inclusion. When I first saw how they were finding the Island (through the use of a pendulum and Earth's own gravity), I thought it was brilliant.

The swinging of the pendulum looks random but it is anything but. The actual plane of swing rotates relative to the Earth.

A layman's translation of this is that over a period of time, a random looking swing of the pendulum actually undergoes a mathematically predictable motion in relation to t…

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Gregaus Gregaus 22 September 2014

LOST 10 Year Anniversary Tribute Video

This is my tribute video for the 10th Anniversary of LOST - without exception the best TV show & story ever told.

I felt this track (in particular, the lyrics) worked really well with footage from the show. It's as if this song (by Australian artist, Tina Arena) was written for LOST.

The lyrics are a perfect description of the opportunity provided to all who came to the Island.

Reset All
Never thought it would be like this
It all fell down in pieces
Ripping those puzzles apart
Surviving on broken hearts
We were young and we didn't know
The kaleidoscope lost its colour
It all turned into grey
We started moving in separate ways
I've been holding on
Just to let go
Turn a blind eye not sure I wanna know
Clear the slate, go …

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Gregaus Gregaus 20 September 2014

Nobody Does It Alone: Whispers from the LOST Community

As the 10th anniversary of LOST is upon us, thought I'd share with everyone this excellent new book about the show, written from the perspective of fans.

By Meg Donhauser, Heather Hersey, Brien Gorham, & Cathy Stutzman

Recapture the magic of television's LOST through the eyes of its devoted fan base. "Losties" from all around the globe recount their favorite moments and discuss the show's themes and mysteries through the lens of their own lives. It's time to go back to the Island once more.

In 2004, ABC aired the premiere episode of LOST, a show that would go on to capture the imaginations of millions of fans for six seasons. Years after its final episode, LOST continues to occupy the hearts and minds of those fans who dubbed themselves "Lost…

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Gregaus Gregaus 29 January 2014

Who Was In The Other Outrigger?

It is one of Lost's most asked questions, and the one it seems so few know the answer to.

It became a topic on social media in 2012 with Damon Lindelof attempting to 'bribe' US Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney with the answer if he discloses his tax return figures. Lindelof even teased us more recently at the Paleyfest LOST 10 Year Reunion in March 2014, refusing to give a specific answer;

Well, if you're reading this, you won't have to wait till then as the answer is on this page. I've long been a proponent of the notion that most every question on LOST was answered. There are very few truly unanswered questions. It is true that some answers require some research or extrapolation/interpretation from a number of sources, but the vast major…

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