Many of you know I wrote some months ago a story to solve the mystery of the skeletons in the polar bear cave, the exploration of the DHARMA stations by Radzinsky and the period where he was living with Kelvin Inman painting the blast door map.

Today I'll show you the story about Henry Gale, the mysterious traveler who arrived to the Island approximately between October 9, 2003 and the last months of 2004. In an interview, the producers of Lost declined to say whether more information would be revealed about Henry Gale during Season 6 and they didn't solved his past during the show. So I thought, what if I write about Henry Gale's trip on his balloon? And suddenly came to my head great ideas to write a story about him. I hope you enjoy this new episode of Lost.


Previously on Lost

Sayid, Ana Lucia and Charlie looking up at the hanging balloon. ("Lockdown")
  • Sayid's group arrives to the Swan after finding the balloon, he points a gun to Ben while Jack pushes him against the wall. "Henry" asks him if they found the balloon. Sayid replies yes, but then, he shows him a driver's license of a black man named Henry Gale. ("The Whole Truth")

Wayzata, Minnesota (Early 2003)

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (1)
The commercial of Minnesota Metallurgy on the TV.

It was a normal day in the Gale family home. Jennifer, and her husband Henry were sitting together in the sofa watching Exposé on TV, until a commercial of Minnesota Metallurgy interrupts the show with a image of a balloon and when Jennifer was about to turn the TV saying that she hates advertisements, Henry tells her don't do that and she leaves the remote control above the table and together listen what the voice was saying in the commercial.

(Shows a scene of a person alloying metal in a melting pot)

...Minnesota Metallurgy has been a constant innovator in the engineering and an ally in high-tech construction fields. Together, this unique combination of industries, along with cutting edge research, a 'go anywhere' commitment, and strategic business alliances, has made the Minnesota Metallurgy a global leader.

(A map of the Pacific Ocean is shown and a red line starts to draw the route of the balloon race: Saint Paul, Minnesota – Los Angeles, California – Honolulu, Hawaii – Suva, Fiji – Sydney, Australia)

The Balloon Race Across The Pacific highlights our companies vision as well as sense of adventure, for that reason we encourage you to take part of this race across the Pacific Ocean, from Minnesota to Sydney and if you win, you'll be awarded with a prize of 500,000 dollars!

(Minnesota Metallurgy logo is shown and below this is written "TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN WWW.MINNESOTABALLOONRACE.COM/RACE" and fades)

Henry takes the remote control from the table, turns off the TV and tells to his wife that's the opportunity they always been waiting, they had many debts with the house rent and taxes, and he tells her that they haven't to worry about this kind of things; also he mentions her that when he was young was used to fly in balloons with his university friends, he only needed to practice and he will fly like other times. His wife looks him a bit insecure and she asks him if whether there would be an accident. And Henry tells her she didn't had to worry about, the balloon flight is one of the safest ways of travelling.

Saint Paul, Minnesota (May, 2004)

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (3)
Henry and his wife walking hand in hand in a park of Saint Paul.

[Many balloons are initially inflated in the ground of a huge park of Saint Paul and many groups of 3 or 4 people are helping to inflate them]

Henry, after trained many months for the Minnesota race with help from his friends of the university, is walking hand in hand with her wife to introduce her his friends, meanwhile, Jennifer tells him that crossing the Pacific isn’t easy, but Henry responds her that he will do it, and bets a beer if he fails. When they arrive to the place where Henry Gale’s friends were inflating the balloon with hot air, she starts laughing for the smile face in the envelope and the yellow basket and quips that the design of the balloon is very original, but Henry tells her that was the only balloon they could get. Two friends of Henry Gale, Fred and Jiyun goes out from the envelope and salutes his ex-classmate, the third of them, Robert stays checking the burner and greets too from far. They seemed to be happy for his arrival. Fred shakes hands with Henry and Jiyun salutes her wife and tells her that his husband is a great pilot and surely will win the race. Meanwhile, from an speaker a voice says that in one hour the race will start and the people who doesn’t belong to the teams have to go to the grandstand areas to watch the show.

One hour later, Jennifer is sitting on a grandstand with many people around her watching the inflated balloon of Henry. In the balloons zone, the friends of Henry helped him to climb up to the basket and gave him a map and cell phone to talk to him until he arrives to the first stop in Los Angeles, where he would be provided by supplies until he travel across the Pacific to the second stop in Honolulu. After everything was ready for the start, Henry and his competitors ignited the burners and the balloons rose into the air. Jennifer and the spectators stood from their seats and began to applaud. When the baloons disappeared in the horizon, she wept for the emotion of the moment.

Los Angeles (Late May, 2004)

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (4)
Jennifer and Henry's friends greeting and wishing him luck on his trip to Honolulu.

A week later, Henry's balloon was descending to a park of the city of Los Angeles and he was one of the first pilots to arrive to the first step of the race. When he finally touched land, he started to smile, because he was feeling that his dream was coming true. His friends, Jiyun, Fred and Robert were there to help him to get out of the balloon and give him the last instructions and navigation tools for the next stop in Honolulu. Robert asked him if everything worked fine during the last days. And Henry with a big smile in his face responded him that everything was excellent. His wife, Jennifer, who came running from all the people who was watching the landing of the balloons, finally reunited with her husband and kissed him, then, she tells him that was really proud of him and she believed that he would win the prize. Henry thanks her because she through the cellphone was always encouraging him and this giving him the willpower he needed. Jiyun interrupts the conversation and tells the team they have to go to the resource room to write which foods and tools he would need during his travel to the second stop.

At the next day in the morning, Henry was ready to fly again, Fred and Robert reviewed the final checks and they said everything was in order. Then, Henry laughs and jokes to his wife it wasn't a bad balloon after all, then he ignites the burner, the balloon starts flying, he waves his right arm to salute his team and Jennifer and they salute him too greeting him the same way and wishing him luck, knowing they wouldn't see him in the next stop because he was going out of the continent and another teams will help to the pilots.

South Pacific Ocean (July, 2004)

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (2)
Henry Gale faces the storm.

After the teams helped Henry to carry the supplies to the balloon in Honolulu, he was ready to travel to the next stop, located in Suva, Fiji.

In the afternoon, in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, Henry was taking a nap after many days of flying inside the basket. Suddenly, a walkie-talkie form the team of Honolulu starts to sound and a voice was calling him. He wakes startled and he asks what's going on. The voice tells him that a storm was approaching very quickly where the first balloons were flying and he must change the trajectory of the balloon, and tells him that he will fall back positions in the race, but this is the safest decision he could take. Henry disagree and tells him that he promised to his wife he will win the race and will make all the possible efforts for win the money because his wife deserves to live better without any kind of preoccupations with debts and rents. Then cuts the conversation, leaves the walkie talkie in the section of supplies of the balloon and increases the level of the burner and faces the huge storm. The other balloons obeyed to the order of the member of the team who warned them about the problems in the climate and they change the course. When the lightning flashes started to resonate in the clouds and rain was washing the envelope of the balloon and Henry's body, he started to shout out loud – This for you, Jenny! - and in that moment everything was engulfed in a flash of white light and then the balloon disappeared in the clouds.

At the Island

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (5)
An injured Henry crying in the ground after he fell from the balloon.

Still flying, the balloon of Henry was floating over a calm ocean in a sunny day without any cloud, near the shores of an island. Henry, who fainted by the strong flashes of the Island, awakes from the basket, stands, and looks to the shore of the Island, which was located some kilometers away, then looks behind to see if other balloons were near him, but none was arround him, even anyone of his competitors were in the horizon. Then he smiled and started to laugh of happiness thinking he was in the shores of Fiji, but his smile disappears when he realizes that the port of Suva wasn't where it was supposed to be, instead of that, they was a four-toed statue, when he sees this, a sensation of concern invades him from inside. Immediately takes the walkie-talkie from the section of supplies to inform the team he was lost in a strange island. But when he turns the device, a french woman starts to talk through the walkie-talkie, he tries to talk to her, but he realizes it was a recording. Worried, keeps it again in the section of supplies and increases the level of the burner to ascend and look better if they was signs of civilization in that place, but only he could saw a dense jungle behind the costs. Then, he decided to explore inland to find a village, and after one hour of flying, he sees from far an ancient building, so he directs the balloon to that place to ask for help, but the dwellers from the sanctuary started shooting to the balloon, many of the bullets pierced the envelope and the burner, forcing him to go for another way. When the burner finally failed, the balloon started to go down, crashing in some trees in the middle of the jungle, leaving the basket hanging many meters from the ground. Henry, tried to get out from there in the safest possible way, still in the basket, looked arround him and saw a vine near him, he approached as close as he could trying to reach the vine, but he slopped and he fell 4 meters to the ground, injuring his neck. Lying in the ground, Henry was crying, but not only for the pain he felt in that moment, he was crying because he failed his promise. In that time, looking to the envelope hanging in the branches of the trees, he decides not to surrender and he gets up from the ground, and still with pain in his neck, walks to find one of the beaches he saw in the last hours to start a signal fire and ask for help.

At the Temple

After the people from the Temple shot Henry's balloon, Dogen, the master of the temple, tells to his translator, Lennon to go to the Barracks with a group of 3 people, where Ben was living to tell him about the mysterious traveler that crashed in the jungle and ask him what they had to do. Quickly, Lennon obeys and calls some Others to go there.

At the jungle

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (6)
Henry writes his last note to Jennifer in a 20 $ bill.

After many hours of hiking, Henry arrives exhausted to a place in the jungle without many trees when the Sun just appeared to rise, and when he stepped on the ground, fell to his knees and lost consciousness for the fatigue.

At the evening of the next day, he wakes up and realizes he has been unconscious for almost a day, then he gets up from the ground and sits in a log, and then checkes the items he had in his pocket to find something that will serve to light a fire, but the only things he found were his wallet, and the pen he used for the annotations in the maps. So, he decided to write the last note to his wife if he died there trying to survive, then opens the wallet and he only found a Minnesota driver's license and a 20 $ bill, then he takes the pen and he starts to write in the bill:

Jennifer, well you were right. Crossing the Pacific isn't easy. I owe you a beer. I'm hiking to one of the beaches to start a signal fire, but if you're reading this, I guess I didn't make it. I'm sorry, I love you Jenny, always have, always will.

Yours, Henry.

And keeps the bill in his wallet and his pen in a pocket. Then he rises where he was sitting and starts to walk to find a beach and start the fire. Some metres away after walking many kilometers, he sees in the distance, a shore of sand and goes running to the beach and rest there a couple hours. After that, goes to border of the jungle and looks for branches, leafs and tinder. Once he gathered all what he needed to start a signal fire, goes to the beach and creates a small bonfire, the only thing he needed was light the fire, so he takes a piece of wood opened in half, then uses a stone to make a small hole in the middle of it, puts some tinder arround it and rapidly spins the branch in the hole. He was trying and trying for about two hours until the tinder was near the piece of wood began to ignite, then he stopped to spin the branch and gently, breathed to the small ember to increase the heat, and he added more tinder and finally achieved start the fire, then carried this to the base of the bonfire and the fire started to grow. Henry felt satisfied because he could made fire, but the only thing he needed was to find water and food, he was feeling weak for the thirst and hunger, so he decided to go back to the balloon, where he had some provisions inside the basket.

In the balloon site

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (7a)
After shooting Henry, Ben says his people they can't trust in anyone.

When Henry returned to the balloon crash site, a group of six people, dressed in worn clothing just arrived to the place and was waiting there ready to interrogate him. When they saw him comming out from the vegetation, they all aimed their rifles against him. He immediately puts his hands up, and he begs them to not kill him and with weakness exclaims: - My name is Henry Gale and I'm from Minnesota! - Then, the group of the strangers down their weapons and a woman, Ms. Klugh gives him a canteen and he desperately drinks the water until he lets the recipient empty. Then, this woman approaches to him and asked him how he arrived to the Island, then Henry explains her that he was in a balloon race from Minnesota to Sydney and when he was flying in the ocean, a storm was advancing where all the balloons from the race were flying, the organizer of the race told to the pilots that all the balloons had to take another course, but he had to disobey him because needed to win the price, then he faced the storm and a strange white light engulfed all his balloon. Then when he woke up from fainting, he discovered that the climate and the ocean under him was calm and he thought the the Island in front of him was Fiji.

Alice, one of the six people there, apologizes in the name of the people who shot his balloon. Then, Henry asks her why they did that, and she responds him that they do that for protect the Island from the possible bad influences. Ben, who was leading the group, goes to see the basket and the envelope of the balloon, and then he notices that one the sponsors in the balloon were familiar for him. In that moment, he surprises, takes his rifle and shot Henry in his back, killing him instantly. The others who were talking to Henry saw him falling to ground, revealing behind him Ben, who shot him. They, shocked by his strange reaction, asked why he killed Henry, then, Ben points the Widmore Labs logo in the basket of the balloon and tells them that they can't trust in anyone. After that, he calls Tom and Lennon to bury the dead body in that place. And they left the balloon crash site and the people go to the places where they belong.

Los Angeles (1 day after the accident)

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (8)
Action 8 News reporting the disappearance of Henry Gale.

Henry's wife and friends were having dinner in a restaurant of the hotel where they were staying until Henry returns from the balloon trip, they was laughing and talking, until Jennifer looks up at a restaurant television where a newscast report was talking about a missing balloon in the Pacific Ocean and her laugh dissappeared when she realized that was her husband was in that balloon and then starts to cry very sad and Fred, Jiyun and Robert were also sad and shocked about that report. The reporter said that one of the members of the team warned Henry Gale about the storm through the walkie-talkie he gave him, but he disobeyed his order and he faced the storm and then he dissappeared. Rescue teams from Hawaii was searching trails of the balloon, but they didn't found anything in the ocean. After they listened the news, the friends of Henry comforted Jennifer and they took her to her room.

Wayzata, Minnesota (August, 2004)

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (9)
Henry's relatives attending at his funeral.

In a cementery of Wayzata, Minnesota, the acquaintances of Henry and Jennifer, including the friendships of the deceased were in that place dressed in black sitting in chairs weeping for Henry. In front of them, a priest was finishing reading the Psalm 23 and then he started to talk about the life of Henry as husband, the things he achieved, the love he felt for his family and the reason why he sacrificed himself for love of his people. And ends the sermon talking that sometime in our lifes we will found soon or later our loved ones. Then, he blesses the people gathered in that place and two persons let down the coffin into the pit. Jennifer takes a flower, throws it there and a handful of soil too onto the coffin.

Flash sideways

South Pacific Ocean (July, 2004)

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (10)
Fiji, the third stop in the race.

Although he knew the risks of flying in the middle of the storm, he desobeys the order of the voice in the walkie-talkie, and he decided to confront the storm and while doing this, he shouts that everything he was doing was for his wife, Jennifer. The lightnings arround him sounded very strong arround him and some of them was falling near the balloon. The rain of the storm started to wet him and his balloon, and he increased the level of the burner to go faster through the storm. And after fighting against the natural forces, he managed to get out from the black clouds and he sees outside blue skies. When the rain stopped to wet, he sighed with relief, knowing that the worst part of the journey ended.

At the horizon, he sighted an island and he started to laugh and smile of happiness because he was in front of the costs of the port of Suva in Fiji, then he was feeling that his dream coming true, then he turned arround to see if any of his competitors were near him, but anyone of them were even in the horizon. He landed in a park of Suva and people of the team helped him to go out of the basket and one of them tells him he was very brave to face the terrible storm in the Pacific. And Henry tells him that he will make all effort to win the prize. Another team member came to the place where Henry was talking and interrupts the conversation to tell him that he called to Jennifer to tell her he just arrived to Suva and she told him that wanted to talk with him. Then, he accompanies Henry to the transceiver room to talk to her. When they arrive to the room, the operative goes from the room to give him some privacy. After he left, Henry sits in the chair and turns on the transceiver and asks if someone was there. After he waited some seconds, the voice of his wife responded overjoyed to him teling him she knew he would win the race and tells him that the next stop is the last one and he will make it. Henry, happy to hear the words of encouragement from his wife, thanks her because she was always when he needed of her. Jennifer tells him she had an idea, she will take a flight from Minnesota to Sydney because she wanted to stay with him in vacations until the last days of September. He agrees with she and cuts the transmission.

Sydney, Australia (Late July, 2004)

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (11)
The balloon lands safely in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

The balloon of Henry Gale were the one which was in first place during the last leg of the race and some other balloons were moving faster, but from far. In front of him, the costs of Sydney were becaming larger and he decreased the level of the burner to descend more slowly to the Royal Botanic Gardens. After he flew over the city, and as he was approaching there, joyous music of an orchestra grew louder and many people was reunited outside the park clapping. When he landed there, many people of the media tried to interview Henry, but some organizers of the event stripped the press away of him and told them he will answer his questions after the after the award ceremony. They helped him to get out of the balloon and they accompany Henry to a dressing room in the Sydney Opera House, and they tell him that in 15 minutes the the prize would be given, so he had to dress quickly. Meanwhile, many people was sitting inside the Opera House to watch that moment and many cameras and press was witnessing the event. Joseph Stewart, the host, was dressed with a suit talking about the winner of the race and he would arrive there in the next minutes after the commercials. When Henry finished to wash his face and dressing with the suit, a makeup artist was knocking the door and he let her enter, she, quickly makeup on him, and she told him he had to get out of there because they was running of time, so he obeyed and the people who accompanied him in the way from the balloon to the dressing room was there waiting Henry and they carried him to the corridor, waiting until the host call him. Then, after the advertising space ended, Joseph called him to the stage and while Henry was walking to him, the people applauded. In the stage there were two chairs and they both sat to start the interview. First he asked him why he took the decision to run the race by balloon and Henry responded him he need the money to pay the debts and rents he had because he wanted to live better with her wife. And the and the public exclaimed: – Awwww – Joseph, then, asked him if he had difficulties during the race, and he replied that in the majority of the tranches of the race not, only in the part between Honolulu – Fiji because in front of him, a strong storm was moving to the balloons and through the walkie-talkie the team told him he had to change the trajectory of the balloon, the others obeyed the order, but he was the only one who faced the storm because he needed to keep the first place and win the prize, then the host says they found the real Rambo and then the people starts to laugh. Joseph, then says he had too much adventure for today and then he calls an assistant who brings a big check with the amount of $500,000. Henry and the host stand up, the people applauds, merry music is heard and confetti is dropped on the stage. Once he recieves the check from the assistant he starts to cry for the emotion and he says through the microphone: - I made it, Jenny! I made it! and then many flashes from the cameras of the press can be seen until the program ends.

Los Angeles (1 day after the award ceremony)

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (12)
"I made it, Jenny! I made it!."

Jennifer were in the hotel restaurant with her new friends Robert, Fred and Jiyun laughing and talking that in some days she would go on vacations to Sydney with her husband until she looks at the TV where in a stage a host was interviewing Henry and tell them pay attention to what he was saying, they quiet and watches the show. Meanwhile, Robert asked if he won the race, but Fred told him to be quiet and listen. And his question is answered when an assistant gives him a check of $500,000. Then, Jennifer and her friends applauds while laughing and all the people arround them applauded too when they realized that Jennifer’s husband won the balloon race.

Sydney, Australia (August, 2004)

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (13)
After the balloon race, Jennifer finally reunites with his husband in Sydney.

At the Sydney Airport, Henry, after one week he won the balloon race, was sitting in the waiting room, waiting the flight of her wife with a rose in his right hand. After she passed the gate of the arrived people, she sees him and goes running with her luggage in one hand to him. Henry gives her the rose and they kiss. Then, Jennifer tells him she's really happy to see him again and she watched the interview where he won the prize. Then, Henry tells her he couldn’t do anything without her, then he helps her to carry the luggage and he tells they should go the next day to a beach, and together left the airport.

At the Sydney Airport (September 22, 2004)

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (14)
Henry and his wife on Oceanic Flight 815.

After the Gales passed their vacations in Sydney, was going to go back to Los Angeles to make a party in the hotel where Jennifer was staying with the friends of Henry to celebrate that he won the prize of $500.000 and the balloon race across the Pacific. They were the last ones in the line waiting to book a first class flight in the Oceanic 815. Bernard and Rose were the next ones in the line after Henry and Jennifer. While they was waiting in the line, they note they was very happy and Rose asks Bernard why he's not like them, referring to the Gales. Then Rose ask them why they were so happy and Jennifer tells her his husband won a balloon race. Then, Bernard tells them he saw the interview through the TV and then remembers Henry and congratulates him for the prize he won. Then, the gate attendant called the Nadlers to book the ticket and they appologized to Henry and Jennifer because they were distracted talking with them, and after they went to the gate they say it was a plesure to meet them and they left the line, leaving them to buy the ticket and then board the flight.

Los Angeles

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (15)
Kate was about to crash Robert's pickup with the hijacked taxi.

When Henry and his wife arrived to LAX, their friends were waiting them in the airport and they accompanied them to the Robert's van to the hotel, Fred and Robert carried the luggage and they asked them how was their trip and they told them it was excellent because they traveled in first class, and they never traveled in that way before. Once they arrived to the parking, Fred placed the luggage in the trunk of the pickup truck and all got into the vehicle and Robert turned on the car and they left. While he was driving in a highway takling about the vacations they had while Henry and Jennifer wasn't there, a taxi (hijacked by Kate) was about to hit the truck and Robert shouted to the driver. Then Jiyun exclaimed that they're many reckless people in the streets. When they arrived to the hotel, Robert stopped the car and he helped with Fred to carry the bags from the trunk to the hotel and once they left the luggage in the rooms, they take the Gales to the ballroom of the hotel and everything was prepared to celebrate because Henry won the race and they tell them that they invited all the hotel guests to the party.

Los Angeles (1 week after September 22)

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (16)
Eloise tells Ben that "they're always a way to redeem himself".

After one week Henry and Jennifer arrived from the Oceanic flight 815, in other part of the city, Benjamin Linus decided to stay for a while sitting in a bench outside a church. And after he saw the light coming out from inside that place, he was a sad because he couldn't moved on for all the bad things he made in his previous life. In that moment, Eloise appeared and sat next to him telling that they're always a way to redeem himself, then she tells him he should help to awake someone or help him to move on. Then she tells him to accompany her to her office in the church. Once they get there, Eloise takes from her desk a flight manifiest, where the names of the Oceanic flight 815 passengers were written. Then she gaves him the paper and he start to read saying that her idea was ridiculus because all many people who knew well from the flight moved on, but she insists and tells Ben he should read carefully, at the begining he didn't found someone until he found a name in the first class section: Gale, Henry. At the beginning he didn't remembered well, but then he had vague memories about his past on the Island, when he shot him in his back and then he stole his name. Then he tells Eloise he found the perfect reason to help someone and finally move on.

Los Angeles (September 30)

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (17)
Eloise and Ben are talking about the plan to awake Henry and his friends.

Eloise and Ben were in a van talking about the plan they had to awake Henry, Jennifer and their friends. According to Ben's plan, he will stay hidden in a alley near the hotel, dressed with worn clothing, like the clothes he wore on the Island the time he met Henry and he will surprise them pointing with a rifle. When Henry will see the gun, he will remember the moment he died on the Island, then, Jennifer surely will cry, and for her tears, their friends and she will remember the time they was in the Henry's funeral. Eloise wasn't very sure about his plan, but it was the only one he came up. Before Ben leaves the car, Eloise tells Ben the plan must be perfect, and Ben replies her that he will do it well, then he opens the door and goes to the alley, carring the rifle inside a bag and waits in that place until they appear. Some minutes ago, Fred, Robert, Jiyun, Jennifer and Henry left the hotel and when they was about to pass the alley, Ben appears and aims the rifle to the group. Henry starts to remember the balloon crash on the Island, Jennifer starts to cry and suddenly sees when she throw a flower onto the coffin and Henry's friends sees the funeral of Henry too. After Ben realized they all awaked, he asks them forgiveness because he pointed them with a gun, then he threw it in the alley. Henry, then realizes Ben was the man who killed him on the Island and he apologizes again because he though he was working for a bad person who was trying to find the Island and then told him was a mistake and his way to say sorry was awaking him and his loved ones. Jennifer and the others seemed really confused when they mentioned the Island, and Ben explained them in his past life, his job was protecting the Island from the bad people who wanted to appropriate it and Henry crashed there because for some reason he crossed the snowglobe and when his group found him, he killed him for a misunderstanding. Then, Fred asked Ben how they could leave that kind of "purgatory" where they was living. Then, Ben says he had the perfect solution for that.

At the church courtyard

The unfortunate journey of Henry Gale (18)
Henry, Jennifer, his friends and Ben, moving on.

At the morning of the next day, Jiyun and Fred were deploying the envelope of Henry's balloon and Robert was checking the burner while they was remembering old memories. Ben and Jennifer were waiting sitting in a bench until everything was ready to fly away. Jennifer asks Ben where they was traveling exactly, and he replies to her he didn’t knew it really, but he was anxious to know where. Eloise was present to witness the moment and she asked where was Henry, then Jennifer told her he was searching a bigger basket so they all could get into it. After she said that, Henry parked in the front of the church with the new basket over the roof of Robert's pickup, then he honked. Fred and Robert, who were in the courtyard, went to Henry who was waiting them in the street, they three took the basket from the roof of the vehicle and they carried it to the place where was all gathered, then the team of Henry joined all the pieces, from one side the basket and the burner and then the envelope. First of all, Robert ignited the burner, Jiyun and Fred were controlling the envelope and they waited until the balloon filled with hot air, once everything was ready, everyone entered inside the basket, except Eloise, who was looking from outside all that was happening. Henry asked her if she wanted to come with them, but she declined because her mission didn't ended yet, there was people she needed to wake up. Fred ignited the burner and the balloon began to move up. Meanwhile, all of them were smiling and held their hands. When they reached to the clouds, a white light engulfed the balloon and they disapeared because they moved on.

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