There have been many theories so far about who the "they" referred to by Jacob in the s5 finale as "THEY are coming". Please "vote" to say who you think "they" are (I've compiled this based on other theories posted).

A. Losties returning from 1970s DI after the bomb explodes B. Ilana and her band of brothers standing outside the foot (whoever they represent) C. Others of 2007 who walked with Ben and unLocke to the foot, all storming into the foot over Richard's objection D. The dead spirits returning to the Island, such as Charlie, Libby, etc. E. Widmore and/or Ellie F. Black Rock crew or some other ship's crew landing in 2007 that Jacob has summoned at some point G. Return of DI descendants looking for revenge of the Purge, maybe the deGroots with them H. Some form of military personnel coming back after they first learned of the Island in the 1950s I. Something else entirely

I think A. I'd like to get each person to leave a vote (a letter) and maybe a thought or two about why they made that choice. Thanks!

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