So, it's been over five years since Lost bowed from our screens, but I'm still searching for something that fills the void at least somewhat. Fringe came extremely close, and I ended up loving it so much that it deserved it's own rank alongside Lost. Breaking Bad was absolutely amazing, particularly in its last two seasons, but it's been off the air for two years now. Rick and Morty is totally incredible, but it still doesn't quite fill it. Twin Peaks may have been the closest thing to actually "replacing" Lost, and it might end up doing just that again when it comes back in 2017, but until then the search goes on.

What are you guys all watching? Have you ever found something on par with Lost? Maybe we could all find a new show and marathon it together, like we did with the Great Lost Rewatch. Or maybe it's just time for that again.

Potential upcoming new shows that fit the Lost vibe: - Heroes Reborn - Westworld - Twin Peaks

Thoughts? Musings?