Susan Kent was the girlfriend of Shane Mayhew and she lived with him in Singapore for a short time getting pregnant with his child. After Shane decided he didn't want to raise the child with her, Susan left to move home. (Doubts) Her flight was Oceanic Airlines Flight 164, which crashed near the Island. On the Island, she met Todd Olsen. A couple months after the crash, Susan gave birth to Jessica Kent. A short while after Jessica's birth, Susan married Todd on the Island. They were later captured along with their fellow survivors by the Hostiles, who they joined. (Twenty-Six Years)

Decades later, after Flight 815 crashed on the Island, Susan helped in the capture of Walt Lloyd off the raft. (The Key) Later, she was caught in the time flashes with her fellow Flight 164 survivor, Peter Maxwell. During the flashes, she met up with the survivors and her Others, Andrew, Ariel, and Marc. (Family Matters) After the time flashes were over, she ran off with Peter, leaving Howard alone, not feeling able to trust him because he'd shot her husband. (Wonderwall)

Three years later, Susan and Peter rescued Ryder, Howard, and Zander from DHARMA shooters. While rescuing others from shooters, Susan was shot, but helped by Howard. She was last seen by the Swan Station construction site with Howard. (Tuck Everlasting)

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