I would like to propose Season 7 of "Lost": -

The season deals with events between the plane escaping the island (2007) and 2015

EPISODE 1 "Dinner time"


VINCENT eating JACK's recently deceased body

---Just kidding!

Seriously though: - I would like to know the following: 1) On the island (Hugo and Ben, Ber-NARD and Rose, Desmond leaves? Walt arrives) i) Is Ben now a good guy or does he have lapses? ii) Is Hugo visited by spirits who 'haven't moved on' such as Michael? How do they help him or Hugo/Ben/Walt help the spirits? iii) As Jacob did, does the 'Man in Black' appear as a spirit to Hugo? iv) How does Hugo adapt to his new role and what are the details of being 'the new Jacob'? Is he like a sorcerer? Does he also cause people to come to the island as Jacob did? What are Hugo's 'rules'? HOW does Hugo (and Jacob before him) manage to conjure this magic? v) What is the fundamental truth i.e. WHY is there a magic light/how did the island get there/HOW did Alison Jenny's character get smoke monster powers? e.g. did aliens make the island? i.e. there remains an overarching mystery. Maybe Alison Jenny's character is one of the spirits on the island and she can speak to Hugo about it?

2) Off the island (Kate, James, Claire, Richard, Desmond and Penny, Richard, Frank and Eloise) i) Do Kate and Sawyer hook up (I hope not - I love her and Jack as a couple!)? ii) Is Sawyer convicted for the killing of the food van man? iii) Is Richard now aging normally (grey hair found by Miles)? Is he finished with the island? (Does he research his 'family future' i.e. great great great nieces and nephews say?) iv) Do Kate and Claire look after Aaron together? v) Who's looking after Ji Yeon? vi) Is Desmond's consciousness still travelling through different realities? vii) Is Eloise up to any magic/time travelling tricks and how does she manage this?

etc. etc.

There is lots of fertile ground for a catch up season. It is an opportunity to address any unanswered questions and fully explain the magic behind the island now that the pressure is off! If it's done well, it could be brilliant!

Make it so, you have my commission on it.

Lost Season 7

Episode 1: The Adventures of Ben and Hugo Episode 2: To be announced