• Comfortably.Floyd

    After seeing Jin traveling through time, I was doubtful about the aforementioned "radius" of the Island. How come Jin, which was last time we saw, in a exploding boat, be nearer than the helicopter that fled it a few seconds before? Daniel and the zodiac seemed plausible, but Jin?? That led me to this theory:

    Helicopter was within radius, but somehow didn't move. It made the moving system go wrong, causing the islanders to move randomly through time. That's why the Oceanic Six (plus Desmond [and Frank?]) must return: The island is missing something that had to move altogether.

    I have no evidence to sustain my theory, but hasn't counterevidence either. I'm not in the "omgtheislandhasconsciousness" and "theoceanicsixareitsconstant" mood yet.

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