So, why do best friends turn into couples? Well, for your information, best friends are always best friends because that's how it became so obvious and mysterious to know if the best friends are going to fall in love with each other and maybe hang out sometime? Because that's the only reason how they got into it and probably wanted to have a great time and go somewhere that's so romantic. So when we see best friends, it's hard to tell how they stay being best friends at all times and not to date because no one has ever "dated" a best friend before and I'm sure what will happen next when the time goes on and the future lives of the best friends/couples have their experiences together and spend their time as family. But everyone's still confused at the point that couples are still best friends and best friends are still couples and it makes sense to a lot of people that I know the perfect motto for all the besties and the couples out there: friendship is love. Wishes!!!