So last night, I was discussing LOST with my girlfriend, and she had this wonderful theory for Season 6 that I just HAD to share, because it blew my mind.

So... just like at the end of Season 2 when Desmond used the Fail-Safe key in the Swan Station and was sent back in time, what if the same thing happens to our beloved Losties? "Yes, I know, I've heard this theory before," you say, BUT... my ingenious girlfriend added more to it (that I've personally never read on here before)....

What if they are all thrown back in time, but more so in the manner of Season 4's "The Constant" where they flash to and from the Island, trying to piece things together, and the FLASHBACKS of this season are really them literally FLASHING BACK to the past where they have the ability to stop this WHOLE mess from ever beginning, stop themselves from getting on the plane, stop themselves from entering the lottery, stop themselves from blowing up their step-dad, etc, etc, etc.

I don't know how they'd flesh that out over 18 episodes, but it seemed like a pretty nifty idea. Perhaps it doesn't happen to EVERY character, perhaps not at all (probably the latter as this is just some random conjecture).

Do they have to find their constant? Will it bring about opportunities to answer some long-running mysteries? Could we see the return of familiar (dead) faces in the flashbacks?

Furthermore, (this part's my insane/based-on-no-evidence-whatsoever idea) what if Jacob's Nemesis (MIB for some of you out there) is flashing back from some as-yet unseen future to the past where he meets up with Jacob on the beach, like we saw, and is all, "I wanna kill you cuz your STUPID FACE is STUPID!" and what not, but he can't, because Jacob is his constant?

Okay, I'm done rambling. Discuss. Tear it apart. Whatevs.