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    Vote now at TVbytheNumbers.

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    This is as of 11:00-11:45 AM CST Sunday, 3/7/2010. Data is from each wiki's respective Special:Statistics page. (For Wikia Wikis, registered user count is local, not cross-Wikia.)

    Wiki Sysop/user ratio Sysop/content page ratio
    Lostpedia 8:24,025 (~3,000 users for every sysop) 8:6,270 (~785 pages for every sysop)
    English Wikipedia 1,720:11,832,795 (~6,900 users for every sysop) 1,720:3,214,539 (~1,800 pages for every sysop)
    World of Warcraft Wiki 22:67,796 (~3,100 users for every sysop) 22:81,379 (~3,700 pages for every sysop)
    Memory Alpha 23:6,466 (~280 users for every sysop) 23:31,564 (~1,300 pages for every sysop)
    Transformers Wiki 11:1,375 (~125 users for every sysop) 11:41,634 (~3,780 pages for every sysop)
    Familypedia/Genealogy Wiki 10:823 (~…

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    A page for Left Behind (book) was created a couple of weeks ago, judged as apophenia and deleted. Then User:CTS abused his sysop powers and ignored judged consensus and restored the page. Please help me by agreeing here to merge the page onto literary works. Thanks for your help! 22:35, January 24, 2010 (UTC)

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    It's here. 3 requirements:

    • Your screen resolution has to be 1280x1024
    • The method (center, tile, stretch) has to be center
    • You have to have a double height taskbar.
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    March 18, 2009 by Cgmv123

    Who on earth came up with the term Love Quadrangle!? The proper term for a four sided shape is Quadrilateral.

    Quadrangle can mean too many things. Try searching Wikipedia for Quadrangle. On second thought, I'll do it for you.

    Quadrangle may refer to:

    • Quadrilateral (geometry), a polygon with four sides.
    • Quadrangle (geography), a United States Geological Survey 7.5-minute quadrangle map.
    • Quadrangle (architecture), a courtyard surrounded by a building.
    • Siheyuan, a Chinese architectural style also known as "Chinese quadrangle".
    • Quadrangle Group investment fund in New York City.
    • Quadrangle Club (disambiguation), various.

    Let's start using quadrilateral! Please comment! I love your input!

    HELP: Can someone please link the above references to the appropriate …

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