The question I found myself asking time and time again last night, was if Danielle Rousseau recognized Jin after their plane crashed. She clearly remembered him after he disappeared next to the cave, because she yelled at him "you just vanished" or whatever because she thought he had the same thing that the rest of her crew had too.

Because she was able to recognize him from one flash into another, that would lead you to believe that she should have recognized him once again after their plane crashed on the island and she saw him. Obviously the flashes are not independent of one another because we have already seen the Locke talks to Alpert and that is why Alpert continues to visit him throughout his childhood and youth. Therefore, he remembered Locke, just as you would think that Rousseau should remember Jin, but I don't remember from earlier seasons if she did or not?

Does anyone else know? Can you remember? Or maybe is it a flaw in the shows writings?

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