11:23 a.m.

Ben just held a general meeting in the rec room to brief us on the situation with the captured ten-year-old boy, whose name I finally found out is Walt. Apparently the memory wiping procedure is just not working at all, which is highly unusual, and they're not sure why, so they want to bring Walt's father, Michael Dawson, here to answer some questions. It's a really touchy situation, because as far as Mr. Dawson knows, a group of evil thugs kidnapped his son, which means he'll be hostile to any of us who try to approach him. On top of that, he's got over 40 friends back at the Oceanic survivors' camp, and they've recently discovered an old Dharma facility that even Ben didn't know existed, which happened to contain several guns, so now those people are armed and extremely dangerous. So bringing in Mr. Dawson will need to be a very carefully controlled operation.

Ben's first priority is to dissuade any of the other survivors from coming to look for us. To do that, his people had Walt send his father a message with instructions on how to find him, which will lead Mr. Dawson to a specific location in the jungle. Ben assumes that some of the other survivors will follow Mr. Dawson there, and that's where Tom and a group of our people will confront them at night and hopefully convince them to stay away. Ben is asking several of us to volunteer to go straight to the rendezvous point and prepare to surround them with torches, mainly for show. Since Danny has temporarily suspended the runway project to focus on this effort, I've volunteered for this task. Ben thinks it's a good idea for us rookies to gain exposure to these kinds of missions, which may become more and more frequent as tensions increase between us and the Oceanic survivors. Our group is about to head out in a few minutes. Tom and Danny and a few security guys will go ahead of us to intercept Mr. Dawson, while the rest of us will go set up camp at the rendezvous point. I'm a little nervous about this mission, but I do realize the importance of protecting our secrets from outsiders.

10:42 p.m.

Man, that stand-off was more intense than I'd expected! The plan basically worked, and Tom and his people were able to capture Walt's father and bring him to our rendezvous point, and just as Ben had predicted, four of Mr. Dawson's friends came looking for him, armed with some high-power weapons. Tom warned them not to cross any further into our territory, but they stood their ground, even after one of our snipers fired a warning shot and the rest of us lit up our torches. I was afraid there was going to be an all-out shootout, but then Tom revealed that his people had captured a woman from the survivors' group and held a gun to her head, and that caused the survivors to finally back down and give up their weapons and leave. Tom assured us afterwards that he was just bluffing with the woman and that he wasn't really going to kill her. Just the threat was good enough. I have to admit, Tom did look pretty scary, especially with that fake beard he was wearing!

It was really interesting to actually see some of the people whose files I've read over the past week, even though I didn't really get a good look at them from where I was standing. As predicted, the doctor was leading the group, and the con-man was with them. We were half expecting the former Iraqi soldier to come with them, but it might've been a team that was quickly put together as soon as Mr. Dawson took off. Also among them was the famous John Locke, the one who was supposedly instantaneously healed of a spinal cord injury when he arrived on the Island and who some believe is destined to be our future leader. And of course, the woman that Tom's people captured and released was the fugitive who was arrested in Australia and being brought back to the U.S. when Flight 815 crashed. I'm not sure where Tom and his group are taking Mr. Dawson at the moment, but the rest of us are walking back to the village. I hate walking through the jungle at night, but I'm glad the mission ended peacefully.