• Blackrock 108

    I think i figured it out, and i'm sorry if this was already put forward as a theory.

    V EQ was the core values 4,8,15,16,23,42

    Jacob assigned those numbers to our heros.

    V EQ was to change the path of mankind/possible extinction, by changing one of the core values.

    Our heros, the numbers. Jack went from man of science to man of faith...he changed his core value, which is what Jacob hoped he would do, to prevent Smokey from escaping the island and bringing about armageddon(if you don't like that term just insert your own).

    Please tell me what you think!

    I also feel the other candidates changed their values as well but i used Jack as he was the one to actually stop smokey.

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  • Blackrock 108

    I just came from the LOST finale event in UCLA. I will not give any spoilers, but they showed us the entire episode "What they died for"

    All i will say is you are goung to have multiple HOLY $#!% moments!!!!!!


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  • Blackrock 108

    K, been thinking about the outrigger scene, and the "rules". now this is nothing but huge supposition on my part.

    What if the MiB is not impervious to bullets and what not, what IF he simply knows the only way he can die is if certain events come to pass, and therefore knows he cannot die due to the properties of the island itself?

    k, that's the easy part, here's where i take huge leaps and pull out my afore mentioned suppositions.

    What if, one of the rules is that he can only be killed by someone who is already dead? and what if in that infamous outrigger scene, which hasn't happened yet, Juliet shoots Flocke in the other outrigger? Technically Juliet is already dead at that time, yet still alive as she was time skipping as well. I have …

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  • Blackrock 108

    When the Losties are banging around in time during th FDW flashes they influence much of what happens in the future. Thinking along those lines i'm wondering IF the FST is showing what would happen if 815 had never crashed, then the flashes would never have happened.

    One in particular i think may have been more important than we thought at the time. Sawyer holding the rope at the site of the (at that time) undug well. It is possible that they may have been farther in the past than we could have ever imagined, and what IF that rope of sawyers was the only reason the well was dug, and just possibly the well being dug down to the FDW area created smokey and a reason for Jacob to be a caretaker of sorts?

    i dunno, i have a few theories a week but …

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  • Blackrock 108

    FST discussion

    March 13, 2010 by Blackrock 108

    First before reading this see Hawkdeath's post named "Origin of the Flash Sideways Timeline" he has some very solid theories and it looks to be a popular post so i would like to continue it here, but with a smal, yet possibly large, tweak.

    Proposing that the meeting with the others in 1954 is the earliest event is incorrect.

    For this discussion please regard the very popular thought that it was Sawyer holding onto the rope at the site of thw well hich caused the well to be dug.

    Allowing this we need to see that this would be the earliest event changing, and that possibly POSSIBLY mind you, the well never being dug could have caused some core values of the islands dynamic. It could be that this shift so early (possibly) in the islands history…

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