What day is it in LA during The Last Recruit?

Let's see. Oceanic 815 landed on September 22nd. Sun and Jin spent the night together, and the next day, Sun got shot. Jin took her to the hospital immediately, so I suppose it's September 23rd now.

It's must have been quite a day for Sayid then. He spent the night on Omer's couch and apparently the very next day shot up Keamy's men.

I bet you thought "Recon" covered Sawyer's life over days, or even weeks. Nope. Since he caught Kate at the end of that episode, and he interrogates her on September 23rd, I guess that episode was one day for him. He checked back in at work on September 22nd, slept with Ava that evening, went BACK to work and slept with Charlotte that night. He came to work early the next day, then left on his lunch break to watch Little House in the dark. Then he gave Charlotte a flower, ran to talk to Miles, caught Kate, and was back in the station before the work day finished. Kate herself, you see, managed only one day after Claire saved her from the police before she got caught again.

It was a busy time for John Locke too. He must have gone back to work on the 22nd itself, got fired and got assigned to his new job as a substitute that afternoon. Then he had some emotional time with Helen, when elsewhere in LA that night, Alex visited Ben about History Club. Locke started his one day at teaching on the 23rd and suggested Ben become principal over their coffee break. Ben orchestrated his blackmail plan that afternoon, and the principal wrote Alex's recommendation letter immediately.

The very day after Helen ripped Jack's business card, Locke gets hit by a car and winds up on Jack's operating table. You probably think Jack and David's newfound good relationship follows weeks of bonding. Not so. Actually, Jack came home from Sydney on the 22nd, buried his father that day, went right back to work and saw a crazed Charlie running about, then crashed David's recital that night. He's now best friends with his son the following day. He only gets one weekend with a son a month, but he knows how to make it count.

Desmond might have been the busiest of all. Almost all of "Happily Ever After" evidently happened on the 22nd. Then he grabbed breakfast with Penny, took the manifest from George, and began hunting down Hurley. Hurley of course spent the night of the 22nd receiving his Man of the Year award. Rosalita stood him up the following day. Then he grabbed some chicken for lunch and met Desmond. And meeting Libby in the institute and their date later? All must have happened that very afternoon. That's how Desmond cruised past their beach date and then drove to Ben and Locke's school in time to mow down The Substitute by 3pm. Next stop for Des: Claire's adoption clinic.

And you thought Jack Bauer's day was packed.