The "episode connections" section now lists echoes to previous episodes. I think it should also list connections to future episodes.

For instance, Julietfan2626 listed on "Two for the Road"'s page a connection with "Ab Aeterno": someone fetching blankets catches a shocked murderer. We list this on the "Ab Aeterno" page. But this is useful on the "Two for the Road" page too.

This can also cover some connections we don't list elsewhere. On "Man of Science, Man of Faith"'s page, Billywestom linked Desmond's "Lift it up" line to Jack with their actions at the Heart in the finale. That link may be too tenuous to put as an allusion to "Man of Science, Man of Faith" in the "The End" page. But it seems a valid point on the "Man of Science, Man of Faith" page.

We already list foreshadowing. But I'm not talking about foreshadowing. It's "foreshadowing in retrospect" or retconned foreshadowing.

Should we add this? What should we call it?

(Ideas link here.)