BalkOfFame BalkOfFame 8 April 2015

Happy Numbers Day!

Today is 4/8/15! And in a couple hours, it'll be 4/8/15 16:23:42!

(Unless you use a different date system, in which case you have a few more months to go.)

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BalkOfFame BalkOfFame 13 March 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

It's nice to see that people' have already updated our page for Boeing 737. But the cool professionalism of an article leaves us little room to just let loose and yell, "Whoa, HOW CRAZY IS THIS?"

The latest is that the the plane lost communications and drifted for four hours off-course before meeting its final fate, whatever that was. The flight's manifest has been released, and I have no doubt at all that some particularly keen individuals have taken to memorizing every name on it. And some of the passengers were using fake passports - not because they were terrorists bringing down the flight but because they just happened to be keeping incidental secrets!

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BalkOfFame BalkOfFame 14 December 2012

30 Secs of Music Per Episode

Our episode infoboxes each have little music clips in them. Here they all are back-to-back, along with (usually) the scene that features them:

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BalkOfFame BalkOfFame 28 November 2012

The Dark Knight Rises and Lost

For all those who think superhero movies are too subtle and restrained, let's throw in a little Giacchino!

Okay, I now can't watch a TV or film series finale without mentally humming "Moving On." But even I couldn't have predicted that "moving on" would be the theme of The Dark Knight Rises - to the point where the hero's love interest - a long-haired brunette fugitive, of course - literally seeks a macguffin called "Clean Slate" (when finally offered it, she says, "I don't even know how to get off this island.") To the point where mobility is frequently mentioned and the hero must first overcome a leg injury, and then a crippling spinal injury!

Many sagas end with the hero sacrificing himself, but this movie began with the hero already open…

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BalkOfFame BalkOfFame 22 September 2012

8th anniversary rewatch?

Two years ago, we marked the crash's 6th anniversary with a group rewatch. One year ago, we didn't, because we were still in the middle of the previous rewatch. Are we all ready to do the same thing this year?

Hell no. "We" don't even come to the this site anymore.

But I will open up the old blogs, a few at a time, so those who do feel like talking about the episodes can. I'll probably start by sharing thoughts I had when recently reading the first episode's scripts for the first time.

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