• B pilgrim

    One of the main themes in Locke's life has been about how he has been told that he is special, important, or that he has a "destiny". In the episode Jughead, we learn that back in 1954 the Others, along with Richard Alpert saw Locke coming out of the jungle claiming to be the their leader. Of course, Locke claimed to be their leader, because in the future he was told by Richard that this was so. Richard tells him this because Locke said so back in 1954. Woe, I think I am getting a nose bleed and my head is starting to hurt. Locke ain't anymore special than anyone else, he was just literally in the right time and place, not once, but twice. As we have seen of him over the course of the show, he doesn't seem like he is cut out to be a good…

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