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    Jacob has made strides to bring someone to the Island, as seen in Lighthouse. Since the lighthouse is now broken, and Jacob told Hurley that this person would have to find a new way to the Island, it seems to follow that Widmore is the man Jacob was bringing to the Island since Widmore was in a submarine ( a vessel that is not guided by lighthouses). Since Ben was somewhat naive in having removed Widmore from power (a man who had been on the Island years before Ben showed up), it might seem that, although Ben and Widmore are at odds, Jacob and Widmore are not. Since Jacob was "right" about Ben, it makes sense that Jacob would need someone who might know better. Anyone agree with me, or is there evidence to the contrary? --Atomic Mystro 04:…

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    February 3, 2010 by Atomic Mystro

    So, we've seen ash lining Jacob's cabin, but it wasn't fully explained why. Then, in LA X Parts 1 and 2, Bram uses almost identical ash to protect him from the Monster. It should be understood that both instances of the ash were to keep the Monster at bay. I'd like to posit a theory as to the origins of the ash. It has only been mentioned once about a volcano on the Island. Could it be that the ash from the volcano is the same ash used to protect Jacob's cabin, Bram, or the Temple? Is this volcano attached or near the Temple, so as those in Temple have access to it? An abundance of ash would be needed to be able to protect the Island, Jacob's cabin, or for Bram to have some. Perhaps he stole some from the broken ash line at Jacob's cabin, …

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