Ta-dahhh !!! One of the most stupid theories so far!!! Jacob is the white king, and Flocke is the black king... a million years ago (or whenever the statue was built) all the other chess pieces were killed in a war. This explains why Flocke (black king) wanted to kill jacob, but couldn't. if there are no other pieces but the two kings, then it is stale mate (Neither of the kings can do anything..) So Flocke had to get another piece into the game (Ben), so that he could kill Jacob. Maybe the sixth season will be about the after math of the game...... who knows. I certainly don't :-) Maybe the black player is the smoke monster ?????????? Maybe the ending of the game will result in another chess game ("there's a war coming", "They're coming", LOST intertitle at the end of the season)

Am i on to something here ? or am i just a moron :/ Discuss