You know... after watching this whole season, I kinda feel sorry for the man in black.

Sure, we know the story: he wanted to be where he came from, he wanted to see the outside world. But I kinda think he was a victim.

Yeah, I know, he killed many-many people. But didn't Jacob or his Mother do the same?

Mother said: she kept MiB on the island, because she loved him. Sure, that is nice, but I think it is very selfish. To keep MiB on the Island, just because she can't let him go? I totally understand why man in black stabbed his mother...

And we know the part where Jacob got blinded by his anger, thus tossed his brother in the light that created the Monster that killed many people...

So I really don't think MiB is that bad. At least not worse than Jacob. He was just simply kept in a prison for apparently no good reason.