The Story of Lost

There is an Island that has a very special place on it, called the Core. Now, the Core is causing the Island to emit a very strong, but also extraordinary electromagnetic energy. Well, what makes Island's electromagnetic energy extraordinary is the fact that the energy is able to heal things that cannot be easily healed, like cancer and paralysis, and the fact that the energy can cause a person to time travel.

However, not everything about the Island is that beautiful. Long time ago, a man at its forties has been sucked up by the Core and turned into a Monster that can impersonate any dead person, including himself, but to that extent that there is virtually impossible to know the difference between the Monster and a real dead person the Monster has impersonated; he literally becomes a dead person he impersonates. More, when Monster is not in a form of any dead person, he takes a form of a black matter that visually appears as a black smoke, but the main reason why he is called Monster is not because of his black smoke form, but because he uses his abilities to deceive and kill people.

Now, the main story begins when 48 people from "Oceanic Airlines Flight 815" survives a plane crash on the Island, causing a great series of events to happen. However, the most crucial events are one when Island's electromagnetic energy caused people from the story to time travel ... Well, during their visits of various past events on the Island, some of them died, resulting in people from the story to get scattered across time and space, thus making them want to unite after their death. Therefore, the people from the story have created a metaphysical realm in which plane from "Oceanic Airlines Flight 815" has never crashed at the Island and in which people from the story met on one way or another.

However, not all people from the story were able to unite in that metaphysical realm. Well, souls of the people that have "sinned" by killing innocent people were "punished" to be on the Island for a whole eternity. Those souls can be experienced by a whispers that can occasionally be heard on the Island.