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HERES MY FAVE EPISODE LIST BY SEASON (I'll add links later, if I figure out how to do it...)

Season THREE: LOOKING GLASS... I started watching the show in season three, so it's all insane for me. This was the pinnacle of the show though, and just a great mix of stories at once...

Season FOUR: THE CONSTANT... I won't get into it again. In fact, it hurts to pick a favorite now that I've watched this season again and realized that season four is just about without flaw. Everything is captivating, illusive, and poetic all at once. Four is probably the best written season all around.

Season ONE: RAISED BY ANOTHER... THis is when things went from strange to stranger. I liked the whole psychic feel and Claires dream was perfect. John Locke had white and black stones for eyes man! Pisser.

Season FIVE: HE'S OUR YOU... It's a tough call again with this season, but I had to boil it down to the amount of awesome touches in this episode. That old fashioned phonograph thing, Radzinsky being Radzinsky, and of course Sayids hillarious interogation. Beautiful episode all around.

Season SIX: THE LIGHTHOUSE... talk about underated, this episode has the msot important answer of all of the answers. "Sometimes a man just needs to look into the sea..." Fans wrote this one off and still do, but really watch this one, the most shocking truths are the ones you knew all along...

Season TWO: DAVE... After you watch the Lighthouse go back and watch Dave. I still say that Dave was Libbys dead husband, that Hurley could really see.

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