• Senior biology major with a minor in chemistry.
  • Planning on applying for biochemical research doctoral programs soon.
    • My love of research plays a vital role in my love of Lost :)
  • Other interests
    • English (writing, reading, analyzing)
    • Philosophy
    • Theology
    • History
    • Computer science

LOST info

  • Began watching from the very beginning.
  • Admittedly took a halfway through because I got confused and was busy with other things. Didn't join back until season 2 when I had my wisdom teeth removed and borrowed the season 1 DVDs and watched them all. From then on, I kept up with the show on a nearly ritualistic schedule.
  • Favorite female character:
    • Alex
  • Favorite male character:
    • Sawyer, because I identify with him in several ways, he's badass, and gets redemption in the end.
  • Least favorite female character:
    • Ana Lucia
  • Least favorite male character:
    • Easily Michael. That was also part of why I stopped watching during season 1, I couldn't handle him.

Name background

I picked the name "uzerzero" as a reference to a scene in Knights of the Old Republic I where you hack into a computer system under an account called "User Zero." At the time, I was looking for some kind of handle that was "1337" (hey that adds up to 15) but unique and somewhat obscure. That was like, five or six years ago probably. The name's kind of stuck with me ever since, although with my introduction into the more professional world, I've been using variants of my real name. Too lazy to make up a new handle and too embarrassed to use "uzerzero" on job applications.

Anyways, leave a message on the talk page if you're curious about something (whatever that might be) or are bored.

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