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Theories on Lost

  • The Monster was created at the "Incident"
  • The Monster is looking for Him (???)
  • The Arrow is pointless

Lost- Series 2


Here are the episodes of Series 2, with my grade for them. While I loved S1, I was not as active in following it as I am now, and I can't tell separate episodes apart so well, until I get the DVDs. Unfortunatly, the WOW factor had been spoiled throughout most of S2.

Man of Science, Man of Faith: A* : Questions answered and I loved the opening montage
Adrift: A : It didn't get past the MoS, MoF cliffhanger, especially as I woke up early to watch my recording of it, it annoyed me. Still, a nice episode the second time around.
Orientation: A* : The film, the film! And it was about Locke. However, it saw the beginning of Jack vs Locke problem.
Everybody Hates Hugo: C : Only the Swan and Tailies info were the point of this episode. Hurley episodes annoy me.
...And Found: B: Waaaaaaaalt! Erm, no. Mr. Eko, yes. I liked the Others scene but that was about it. Like the ellipse too.
Abandoned: C : Didn't like Shannon (yay she's dead!).
The Other 48 Days: A+ : CRASH! Love the music, atmosphere, crash, characters, children, Others, The Arrow...
Collision: A : Sayid was interesting, but I liked the reunion so much I actually cried! Never done that before.
What Kate Did: B: All round good episode.
The 23rd Psalm: A*: Mr. Eko was truly amazing, and the Monster sequence was also great. I liked the story of the Beechcraft.
The Hunting Party: A : The Others confrontation set for a great episode.
Fire and Water: E: Hated it, apart from Charlie in nappies.
The Long Con: B: Didn't like them working against themselves, but Sawyer was "class".
One of Them: A : Henry Gale. Excellence.
Maternity Leave: B : A story in one episode, was off the main topic, didn't answer much- more focus on the Staff would have been worthwhile. Good, but under-developed?
The Whole Truth: A : I normally don't like Sun/Jin episodes, but this was good.
Lockdown: A* : AMAZING. Henry, Locke, The Swan and the Blast Door Map. Oh, the Supply Drop too. Best episode ever? Possibly.
Dave: C Ugh, Hurley. I just can't warm to this character, expecially after his food wasting at the beginning of the episode. Average.
S.O.S.: B: While I liked the focus on Rose and Bernard, and for some reason the doll trap, it was extension of the Henry plot a little too far, and Jack annoyed me, a lot.
Two For The Road: B: Unfortunatly, I saw it all coming due to Lostpedia. Not that great. Ana-Lucia was interesting, but it just wasn't great.
?: A: I liked the different music more than anything else, the Pearl and Locke + Eko made it favourable.
Three Minutes: B: Good. I hate Michael, but the Others were interesting. Another Locke close up on the beach was a nice reference to early in the first season.
Live Together, Die Alone: A*: The magnetism was fun i.e. the flying belt, forks, and pretty much everything else. Brother!

Lost Season 3


A Tale of Two Cities: A: A lot of answers (Yay!). A lot of Jack (Boo!). A lot of missing action (Hiss!). The first 4 minutes pulled it up to an A.
The Glass Ballerina: A: Action, yes. We could have actually had a battle at Pala Ferry, it would have been more fun. Thankfully, less Jack. The flashbacks, for a change, were almost as good as on-island events.
Further Instructions: A: The dream was really clever, the few questions raised are the type which never get answered (tonka truck, Pearl bodies), and I hated the Polar Bear as a story. But, other than that, I liked the episode- Desmond was good, brother! RIP Hatch, I hope it isn't all gone, just the computer room :( Would have been a B or C if not about Locke and answering the Finale (to a degree).
Every Man for Himself:A: A high A, this episode was good because Jack was bearable for once, Sawyer was good- I really liked the pacemaker idea, and the X-Rays and "The Situation" of Colleen. I liked Tom's brief appearances too, but I didn't get why Eko wasn't in it, I mean, a check up on how he was instead of that jerk Paulo would have been better flow for next episode.
The Cost of Living: A* : First A* of the season, was pretty solid, good to see Dharma and monster haven't been forgotten, loved it, apart from the fact Eko died. But I liked the way he was killed, unlike many.
I Do: B : Disappointing. We had been led to expect more than a quiet Sawyer, shouting Kate and screaming Jack. I thought Lost had developed past that. I have to LIFT UP MY EYES AND LOOK NORTH for the next installment. The Others need explaining more, having things like Ben's surgery with no backing of just, a story, leaves it lacking.

Mini Season 3 Review

A : Individually, episodes weren't too bad, but we didn't learn much on the Others. Abandoned had a better mini-cliffhanger than I Do. Looking at it compartively, which I shouldn't really do but...

Not In Portland: A: After a hiatus, anything will be good. Getting to know more on Juliet was great, and I liked Room 23. Tom was interesting, Jack less annoying, Ben creepy... A great way to restart the season.
Flashes Before Your Eyes: A*: Wow. A great episode, but a definitive answer would have been good (?). Microwaves beeping and 1:08 clocks made it for me. Stranger In A Strange Land: D: Urgh. Only the ending (was that because it was over?) had anything to it. Useless flashback, the island stuff was pretty wishy-washy, Ben and Izzy were the only things of any interest. And Karl just 'wanders off'. Tricia Tanaka Is Dead: B: Fun. Enter 77: A*: Just getting into the top zone, it tempted us with too many answers i.e. the Dharma protocols etc. Locke was odd, but it was enjoyable and refreshing to see something new. Bea was all a surprise. Flashback was a let down from One Of Them.
Par Avion: A: Great little episode, the fence and Mikhail's death were great, and Claire's flashback, being fresh content, was as good as the episode. Really pleased.
The Man From Tallahassee: A*: Definitely one of the best episodes of Lost. In the top 3 of the series so far, I can't decide between Cost of Living and Flashes.
Expose: B : Some scenes, like the Juliet and Ben one, were good. Also, Locke's scene, and the first and last scenes. But didn't like the way it went around in a circle.
Left Behind: B: Monster-monster-monster-monster-monster-monster-fence. A good storyline for Juliet. But another, although nice, Hurley/Sawyer subplot.
One of Us: A: Very Lost. Juliet is a great character, and her Flashbacks (especially Ben shouting) were informative. Loved the ending.
Catch-22: B: Medeoka, especially for Desmond.
D.O.C.: A: Surprisingly good, felt like traditional Lost. Mikhail and Juliet's appearances were good, both sides of the story were interesting, shame about the flashbacks.
The Brig: A: Despite being a Locke fan, this should have been a Sawyer episode as the flashbacks weren't really that informative. They could have done a Karl-style flashback from Greatest Hits to establish this deep character story.
The Man Behind The Curtain: A*: Extraordinary episode, so much information and great acting by Locke and Ben.
Greatest Hits: A: Nice concept and ending.
Through The Looking Glass : A* : Very good and enjoyable (Ben, Hurley's rescue, shock Flashforward, Charlie's death, The Return of Locke) but I prefered the other two finales.


Episode: Live Together, Die Alone
Male Survivor: Locke
Female Survivor: Rose
Animal: Hurley Bird
Location: The Swan
Other: Ben
Tailie: Eko
S1 Episode: Walkabout
S2 Episode: Live Together, Die Alone
S3 Episode: The Man Behind The Curtain
Quote: Don't tell me what I can and can't do!
Event: The System Failure
Soundtrack: Locke'd Out Again
Sawyer nickame: Jin = Chewie

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