1x02 JackSawyerSayid

Hey there fellow Losties. My Name is Nick De Fina, I'm from Staten Island, and just like the rest of you I am here because of the greatest show ever, Lost.

My user name obviously comes from Sawyer's first Centric episode in the 1st season, my favorite character by far. I'm a character fan, not a mystery fanatic, but I enjoy them all the same.

Feel free to talk to me, Always up to a good conversation, partners. I visit daily so I can always get back to you, especially the women, if there are even women on here.

There's a new Sheriff in town boys, ya'll better get used to it.

Possibly the most heartbreaking scene of the show, amazing acting.

It only ends once, anything that happens before that is just progress <3

Perfect ending in my opinion, teared me apart inside.

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