Hi folks.
I'm Nic, I live in London and am a huge fan of Lost. I'm also a huge fan of Lostpedia and would like to thank all those dedicated folk out love the show enough to contribute to and maintain this mighty organ.

I generally mosey around and duck in and out to tidy up spelling and grammatical errors. I tend to check on the Community Portal regularly to add my thoughts to votes and see where I can be helpful on pages nominated for rewrites and cleanups. I sometimes make weeny pics for pages such as Portal:Items and the like. I'm also rather fond of the Random Page link.

If there was a Wiki for MacGyver I'd be all over it like a cheap suit.


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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

This Latin maxim translates as "Who will guard the guardians?". It questions that when there is a guardian, system of governance or other authority set in place to watch over a community or society, who then does the same for them in turn? (An alternate translation of "Who watches the watchmen?" is an inspiration for the Watchmen comics and the phrase recurs throughout the story.)
In Lost, we see several 'guardians' all struggling to assert their authority. Jack as the guardian of the Losties, Ben as the guardian of the Island, and Locke as the guardian of... well primarily his own interests by all appearances. All three of these have the fundamental flaw of operating autocratically without any regulation. Ben leads the Others claiming to take his orders from Jacob, although their meetings all appear to happen in secret away from the rest of the group and it is unclear if Ben truly is following Jacob's instructions or using him as a sort of smokescreen and making up instructions to suit his own agenda. Jack has frequently made the wrong decisions on behalf of the Losties and his judgement is often clouded by his own ego and obstinacy - symptoms of his doctors' God complex. Locke is probably the loosest cannon of the lot, and although he claims to be acting in the best interests everyone he regularly makes unilateral decisions and acts on them rashly by blowing things up etc.
The irony is that all three have the same intention at heart - survival. But through their actions and lack of counsel or regulation, with nobody to watch over them they are unwittingly creating conflicts within their communities. Insurgencies and coups have already occurred, and if they continue to operate in the same manner, the situation is only going to deteriorate as the people they are guardians to lose faith in their suitability as leaders.

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