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The following is a list of the known 48 survivors of the fuselage:

1 Edward Mars (The US Marshal) - KIA.
2 Barbara Joanna Miller - Drowned.
3 Scott Jackson - KIA by Ethan.
4 Boone Carlyle - KIA
5 Leslie Arzt - Blow'd up.
6 Walt Lloyd - MIA.
7 Shannon Rutherford - KIA.
8 Tracy
9 Steve Jenkins
10 Lance
11 Craig
12 Dexter Cross
13 Faith Harrington
14 Neil Frogurt
15 George
16 Hurley (Hugo Reyes)
17 Jack Shephard
18 Sawyer (James Ford)
19 Jeff Hadley
20 Jin Kwon
21 Kate (Katherine Austen)
22 Claire Littleton
23 John Locke
24 Michael Dawson - MIA
25 Charlie Pace - KIA
26 Jerome - Ralph does not exist. KIA
27 Richard
28 Rose
29 Sayid Jarrah
30 Sun Kwon
31 Sullivan
32 Tourniquet Man
33 Chris Dobson
34 Janelle Granger
35 Larry
36 Sally Rafflethorpe
37 Robert D. West
38 Jake Smith
39 Bob "BJ" Jones
40 Nikki Fernandez - KIA
41 Paulo - KIA
42 Elliott Maslow - Status Unknown
43 Doug - KIA
44 N/A
45 N/A
46 N/A
47 N/A
48 N/A
49 Vincent ;)

One of the above may be the Gas Man, N.D. survivor, Woman (from Pilot), and Sexy Blue Striped Shirt Girl.

I will not rest until all the survivors of the fuseluge have been identified and the show begins to really break continuity!


  1. Bob "BJ" Jones
  2. Jake Smith
  3. Official 'Lost' Podcast
  4. Robert D. West
  5. Sally Rafflethorpe


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I know it's kinda getting around now, but here's a link to a YTMND page I may have created: Alex Cops a Feel of Kate.

At the moment in [Scratchpad] I've started a mini-wiki for the novel "Shadows in the Asylum" [[1]].

Created one more Lost YTMND: Darth Vader is Lost!.

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