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Name Jiyun
Year of birth 1993
Place of origin Seoul, Korea
Current location Seoul, Korea
"Yes. I understand, you idiot-- but if you think I'm gonna help you destroy our only way off this island, you're insane! I came here to find my husband so I could bring him home, not so I could save the damn world! She says I'm important. If that's true, you need me! So, "understand" this...I'm not going anywhere!"

- Sun in "The Package"

TV Shows
Lost, V, FlashForward
Languages I Speak
Korean, English and Japanese


I'm 17-year-old girl from Korea. Seeing my username, you can know who is my favorite character :)

I'd filled transcript with Korean and edited various pages which contain information about Korea. If you are curious and want to know what the Korean mean (Or need help with anything about Korean), just call me (leave a message on here!) It will be a great pleasure to help all of you. :)

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Actors & Actresses

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Jin & Sun XD



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