Name Evan Boyce
Year of birth June 11th, 1993
Place of origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Current location Barrie, Ontario, Canada
"I've looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw... was beautiful."

- John Locke

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LOST, Family Guy, American Idol, Mythbusters
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Hi! I'm Steelekid, or Steele, either one works. I'm a Grade 10 Student here in Canada, and I've been an avid LOST fan ever since buying Season 1 in March 2008. Soon after watching it I bought Seasons 2,3 and 4 when it came out. This show is by far the best one on television today, and I absolutley live for Wednesday nights!

I hope to start making more edits once I get used to the way a wiki works, since this is the first time I have ever joined one. I'm still pretty new at this, so please let me know if I'm doing something wrong by writing on my Talk Page

My favourite LOST character would have to be Desmond, mainly because I'm of Scottish roots, but also because I'm a sucker for the whole Penny/Desmond story.

Yeah, so that's basically it for now. I hope to be a positive contributer to Lostpedia and the like in the not-so-distant future. Cheers!


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Favourite Lost Moments, In Pictures

Golf Course Oceanicbreakoutside 3x10 Sawyer & Jin drink InsideIt 1x01-LockeOrange Yemiekosoccer Desandpenny Foot-statue Benandrichard 5x16-jacob-cabin-burnt CueCard1

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