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Hey! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Andrew. I'm a Tattoo artist, and i live in Florida, USA. I love Lost because it's so different from all the other TV shows on right now. They all have single serving stories. CSI, Bones, House, Fringe, and so many other dramas tell stories on an episode by episode basis. Every week, we meet a new _________ (patient/criminal/weird-phenomenon) that has, commits or causes a new _________ (disease[Other than Lupus]/crime/strange event), that is solved by the end of the episode with the main characters smiling, saying some cheesy optimistic saying with some yet unknown cheesy singer-songwriter's newest track playing in the background. Lost is different in so many wonderful ways. It tells it's story from different perspectives and over different time periods to give us an enthralling hour that leaves us craving more. And, frankly, that's my favorite part. The most satisfying thing about Lost is that it's so damn unsatisfying. Every episode leaves us with questions to ponder, discuss, and debate. There are so many possible outcomes for each plot arc that the show allows it's viewers' imaginations run wild with conjecture. And it's intelligent. I can't help but laugh to myself every time I hear someone say "I HATE Lost, it doesn't make any sense!" Well, then go back to watching iCarly, because if I have to explain it, you wouldn't get it anyway.



Season 5 is my favorite season. I love how we've just been assaulted with information this season, we're really seeing a lot of the backstory for characters that have been a mystery to us for quite some time. The episodes have been great, more big stuff happening every week. I've also been way more involved on Lostpedia this season, so i guess It's always been this good, I'm just having more fun with it now.


John Locke

John Locke is my favorite character. He's the kind of person i would want to be on the island. He's resourceful, (mostly) honest, loyal, and intelligent. He's passionate, but at the same time, calm, cool and calculating. I love his leading style. Jack is passionate too, but he whines when he doesn't get his way. Locke, on the other hand, is solid. If you don't want to follow him, fine, you don't have to. He'll just go on without you.

Sayid Jarrah

After re-watching many old episodes, I realized how much I like Sayid. He's brave, strong willed, logical, and intelligent. Also, he's almost always right. I rewatched these episodes to get pumped up for the Season 5 finale, in which Sayid gets shot. Figures...

Daniel Faraday

Faraday is just cool. I've always loved reading about space and time, and I love that the show draws on science for alot of the plot arcs. Faraday was the "obsessed scientist" character Lost had been missing for so long. He's quirky and intelligent, and I think he knew a lot more than we're aware of. I can't wait to find out everything that was in that journal of his.

Ben Linus

I'm not convinced Ben is the bad guy. He might be manipulative and a murderer, but he seems to have (almost) always acted with the best interests of the island at mind, even putting himself or others in Jeopardy to do what was necessary to "save" the island. He's a perfect foil for Locke, and he's just plain creepy.


The Island, Jacob, and Richard Alpert

Richard is not human. He is the physical manifestation of The Island, like a human incarnation of the "Monster." He exists as a go between for Jacob, who only speaks to a few, and the people on The Island. He is Jacob's representative; making sure everything that happens is truly in the best interest of The Island. He does not age, and i don't think he can be harmed unless something happens to the island itself.

Jacob is not human either (I think we can all agree on that) . He is the spirit of the island, and chooses only to communicate with those who he chooses, those who are "special".

POST S5:Jacob is in conflict with the island, and its true protector/representative, Samuel ( I know, it's not his real name, but it flows better than "Jacob's Nemesis" for now). Jacob has been either holding The Island captive, or has been acting in a role that doesn't belong to him for some time now, And Samuel, as Locke, has come to liberate the island.


Following the Purge, the Others made the Barracks their new home (The World of the Others).

The Others (formerly the Hostiles)

The Others are decedents from the ancient civilization that built the Temple Wall, the Statue, and the Frozen wheel, and/or descendants of the Black Rock survivors. They, over the years, have lost much of the knowledge of the processes of the Island. They were able to have children until "The Incident", which caused pregnant women to start dying when they come to term. They made it to the Temple, and are waiting for Locke to come lead them. I think He will get to them in the Season 5 finale (only a few left!).

Also, I'm inclined to believe Horace may be an Other, and that "Hard Hat Guy" from "The Variable" is Jason. If so, I am also inclined to believe that NONE of the Others age. This would explain their deep connection to and sense of relation with The Island ("Our island").Ethan aged because his mother was not an Other, or perhaps they age to adulthood then stop at some point. Widmore and Eloise aged because of their time off-island.
POST S5:Richard said, when confronted by Locke about his age, that "I'm this way because of Jacob," BUT it doesn't mean he didn't do the same thing to the Others.

The Incident

According to Rousseau's map, there is a very large crater on the south end of the island. In the 50's the Hostiles buried Jughead, thinking that it would be safe since, not knowing about the crater, Faraday said it never went off. They buried it, only for it to detonate some years later, causing The Incident.

EDIT, 13:43, 30 May 2009 (UTC):That wasn't too far off, eh?

POST S5:The Losties, in their attempt to prevent The Incident, caused the incident. Thank you Miles, for not being an idiot.

EDIT, 17:39, 8 June 2009 (UTC): After watching "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2" a few more times, I think it's more likely that the bomb did not detonate, and that the survivors were merely unable to prevent the incident.

The Sickness

The Sickness that Rousseau talked about in past seasons is actually a communion with the Island caused by entering the Temple. It is sacred to those who have it, hence Ben's reluctance to divulge any information about The Temple, even to Locke, at the end of season 3. "The Sickness," this communion with the Island, is intrinsically changing, and it was the change that Rousseau feared in her team, and that caused Ben to "Lose his innocence," not to mention his memory ("Dead Is Dead").


The Monster as a large, single cloud.

POST S5: When Jacob visited the Losties off-island, he touched them. Maybe it's this touch that transmits "The Sickness". Kind of like "eating the fruit" in the Garden of Eden.

The Monster

The Monster is more than just "a security system." It is a remnant of the ancient civilization, and carries out the will of the Island. It can see in to people, and does not harm those who truly belong on the island ( That's why when other Losties look into the monster, they see what they fear/hate most about themselves, but Locke saw a "beautiful bright light" (Walkabout). I think Richard, Jacob, and the Monster are parts of the same entity (kind of a holy trinity of the Island).

POST S5:Because of the interaction between "Alex" and Ben in "Dead is Dead," the monster knows Locke's true identity at that point, and is loyal to Samuel.


The only reason Locke had to leave the island is that he had to turn the wheel to fix it. The only reason for the O6 to have returned is to bring Locke, dead, back to the island. He had to die to fulfill his destiny, and the only way he could return to the Island dead is if they brought him. The reason Locke had to die was to return to the island as a "messiah" for the Others, to deliver them from their hiding, and lead them against the new Dharma Initiative (Ilana and her people?) for one final time, and restore everyone to their proper points in time.

POST S5:Apparently, the reason Locke had to die was to give Samuel a medium to return to the island. I still think this character may be a messiah figure, delivering the Others from Jacob.

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve are (at least one or the other) Jack and Juliette. Jack took the stones from the skeletons when he and Kate first found them. It is possible that he holds onto the stones until his and Juliet's death inside the caves together, sometime in the past. The stones could also be from from Juliet's zen garden, which shows two stones in the sand - one black, one white. ("The Other Woman")

POST S5: I think it's possible that if what happened at The Swan moved the Losties to 2007, Rose and Bernard may have been too far away to go with them. If so, they may have lived in the caves and eventually died there.

Black Rock (full)

The Black Rock.

Black Rock

The Black Rock is located so far inland because it was sailing on the spot where the island appeared during a previous move.

Hanso Foundation

The Hanso Foundation will attempt to restart the DHARMA Initiative. Bram and Ilana are agents of Alvar Hanso, who has been referred to as "The Economist." (If not, I think they are or are descendants of the island's original inhabitants.)

POST S5:Bram and Ilana work for Jacob, who may be the economist. They are Others, or know of Jacob's true motives, and are in league with him, holding power over the island.

The Island

What is The Island? I'm not ashamed to say it: Your guess is as good as mine.

POST S5:The Island is a "timeship" created by an ancient advanced race. Over time, their technology was lost, but the island remains, skipping around through time. Or, it is a nexus, an anomaly where all points in time can converge, allowing its inhabitants to live outside of the normal rules of space/time.

Jack's father

Christian Shephard is not dead. At least, his body is not. He has become the incarnation of Jacob. He interacts with multiple people at the same time, Is often seen wearing different and fresh clothes, and appears as the same person to everyone. I would agree that it wasn't actually his body if Jacob spoke to different people as dead family members (not unlike the monster), but he's been seen by (at least): Vincent (wearing the clothes he was to be buried in), Jack, Claire, Aaron, Hurley, Locke, Michael, Sun, and Frank. Christian literally means "Christ-like", and I'd argue that coming back from the dead is pretty reminiscent of Christ.

Alternate: Ben and Widmore are both trying to save Jacob/The Island from each other. They were too caught up to notice the REAL bad guy has already slipped onto the island and assumed the power role (Christian Shepherd). That's what the "Help Me" is all about when Locke first visits. Ben still has no idea of Christian being in Jacob's cabin and assumed Locke got the orders from Jacob. (I can't take credit for this, but I think it's a great theory)

POST S5: Christian has been speaking on behalf of Samuel, or is Samuel, the same way Locke is. He is not bad, but in fact helping Samuel reclaim the island, after it was usurped by Jacob some time ago.

Kate's horse

The Monster

4x03 Clock1

Faraday's payload


What happened happened and can't happen any other way. I don't know why i still see entries on theory or discussion pages claiming "alternate time lines." I'm sure they did this for two reasons:

1. It makes it much easier for the writers, since they can't miss/change anything and cause continuity problems.
2. If alternate time lines could be created, nothing the Losties in the past did would affect the Losties in the future. Seeing how they already have done things that we see in the present, (birth of Ethan, possible "corruption" of Ben, Dharma booth video), we know that their actions are not creating alternate time lines.

more here.

Daniel Faraday

Daniel's time traveling experience is different than the other "travelers" because he, unlike the others, is able to travel within his consciousness as well as his body. In fact, I believe he may be communicating with himself at other points in time using his notebook, and therefore may have extra insights into the events happening around the castaways.

Unanswered Questions

These are question I want to know the answers to:

From the Season 5 Finale

  • What happens when Jacob touches you?
  • Is Jacob the one that made the list of the names of the people Sayid was to kill?
  • Were the names on the list really associates of Widmore?
    • If so, is Jacob trying to keep Widmore from returning to the island?
  • Did The Island (represented by the Monster appearing as Alex) tell Ben to do whatever Locke said because it/she knew what "Locke" was up to, and has been trying to get rid of Jacob for a long time?
  • Is Locke completely dead?
  • If Jacob is trying to keep Widmore off of the island, and having Ben kill his associates, is Widmore working for/with Jacob's enemy?
  • Does Widmore know Jacob's enemy will use Locke's body/assume his form to kill Jacob?
    • Is that why Widmore helps Locke get back? Are we then to infer that Widmore is working with this enemy, against Jacob?
  • Is the "war" we've been hearing about not between Widmore and Ben?
    • Are they merely pawns in the greater struggle between Jacob and his foe?


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