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Name The Black Knight, RHCM123
Year of birth 1993
Place of origin New Jersey, USA
Current location New Jersey, USA
From Last Week's LOST Episode:

"Ben: Oh, and Jack? You'll need to bring him, too."

From Last Week's HOUSE Episode:

"13: I think we should go to the party. Foreman: Yeah. We should."

"Hurley: Dude... he just... exploded."

"It's the internet. Nobody cares.."

"The happy magical island show with a hippie bus, a friendly suburban community, a smoke monster, a steel door in the ground, a 70's science ressarch joint, a plane falling out of the sky, and some dude with an RPG. Makes perfect sense." -My dad on LOST.


TV Shows
LOST, Mythbusters, House, Jericho, 2200h News.
Languages I Speak
English, Latin

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10 There are 10 kinds of people, those who understand binary, and those who don't.

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Greetings, Welcome, Namaste.

This is the page is use to display my love and affection for lost, here on lostpedia. It's still under construction, so bear (poar bear?) with me... Plus, I like to steal things. Most of the cool code you see around my page? I stole it from other users. :) Hey, it's a free wiki!

5/8/08: I'm Back! I have been rather busy, doing various things... but I was still watching LOST! I will be editing in buckets again!

Help & Stuff

I can read fluent Latin, so if you ever need Latin translated, just put it on my talk page and I will get back to you. I own an xBox 360, capable of downloading any episode (including 4'th season.) I have no way to get screenshots (yet) but if you need me to frame by frame through an episode, I would be happy to do so. I have full PhotoShop skills (check my contribs) and I would be happy to assist in any image editing problem. I am also very good with math/physics, (I contributed much to the Electromagnetism article) and if you ever need help understanding stuff, I would be glad to walk you through it.


Fun Stuff

Smokemonster arm


My Sig

User:Rhcm123/sig. I owe this template to A certain sysop named Santa. Thanks for the present.


Signs you Work for DHARMA. Mr. Leaf, I congratulate you on your great parody. Read this for a good laugh.


Well, in the laws of physics, such as they exist in the world of Lost, the implosion created a vacuum, and, as the air came in to fill that vacuum, it rapidly heated and expanded, causing an explosion, so, it was sort of a thermo-dynamic incident in which an implosion was followed by a subsequent explosion. - Carlton Cuse

"Locke: Where do you get electricity?" "Ben: We have two giants hamsters running in a massive wheel at our secret underground lair." "Locke: Yeah. Thats funny."

"Ben: No, John, we don't have a code for "There's a man in my closet with a gun to my daughter's head." Although we obviously should."

"Ben: Alex, I need to talk to you. Alex: ... Karl: Shut Up, Mr. Linus. Ben: (laughs, looks... bored?) Karl. Karl, Karl. If you are going to sleep with my daughter, at least call me Ben."


The Fun Song!

The Sawyer Song!

Stuff I've Done


Well, thanks Charlie. We ask you what two plus two equals and you say "Not 5."

Besides editing feverishly, some of my more important contibutions are:

  • I have contributed to the DHARMA Logos Page (I found a hidden one in ABC's lost Online Store)
  • I nominated a page that won article of the week (Around 9/6/07). Belive it or not, I nominated The Island! It was nominated in about May!


I made the User:Rhcm123/Template:FearlessLeader templete. Put that in {{brackets}} and you can use it on your own page. I am working on others, stay tuned!

Favorite things in Lost

Besides Ben, DHARMA, and the ever important Joyride, I keep lists (like Ben Keeps passports with ugly pictures. Nice haircut, though) of the things that I like and I don't.

Behind the Secret Swan

Image of the swan magnet from Via Domus

"Remember Kids! Sayid Knows Everything, Jacob Scares Hurley, Locke loves the ilsnad, and Jack will just shoot you."


I owe the codes to Steff. I, as you may be able to tell, have some issues with Wikia code. HTML is my strong point.

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My Favourites

Favourite Characters
Locke, Desmond, Sayid, Ben
Favourite Others
Ben, Mikhail, Juliet
Favourite Actors
Matthew Fox, Michael Emerson
Favourite Episode
"There's No Place Like Home, Part 2"
Least Favourite Characters
Michael and Libby
Least Favourite Others
Danny (He deserved his fate.)
Least Favourite Episode
Favourite Writers
Damon Lindelof



Now... who dosent like a joyride?



Super Hatch Brothers



Bloopers are funny.

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