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How a Volcano Would Have Changed the Ending
3x20 Olivia volcano
Entertainment Weekly

Did you even know there was a volcano on the ABC series Lost? It’s true. And it might have made a bigger impression — and led to a different series finale — if not for a small matter of money. The presence of this geographical feature on the show’s mystical, time-skipping island was established in season 3. You see drawings, images, and even a model of it in a DHARMA Initiative classroom. Obsessive viewers spotted it and theorized about it, but when Lost never returned to it, fans assumed the volcano was a red herring or rich bit of detail. Actually, it was one of the first hints of an endgame. Read More...

Carlton Cuse and Michael Giacchino Reflect on LOST at Hollywood Reunion Concert
We have to go back concert 01
The Hollywood Reporter

It wasn't quite as traumatic as Oceanic Flight 815 ripping apart in the blue skies over the Pacific Ocean, but executive producer Carlton Cuse recalls a difficult landing process for the final stretch of Lost all the same. Speaking in front of a packed crowd at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood, Cuse reflected on the ending of Lost — a process that included a whole lot of writing, a whole lot of tears, and an impressive amount of tequila. "We cried, and it was cathartic," Cuse said, repeating the line throughout his recollection, a mantra of sorts. Read More...

Netflix to Restore LOST Finale After Fan Outcry
6x17 FatherAndSon
Entertainment Weekly

The Lost footage is being found! Netflix issued a statement pledging to restore the ABC hit’s series finale after co-creator Damon Lindelof publicly backed fan outcry over a heavily edited version being streamed by the company. Earlier today, EW reported the two-part Lost closer, "The End", was missing about 18 minutes in various cuts. A lengthy Reddit thread chronicled the changes. Lindelof himself weighed in, saying he was “totally befuddled” by the decision and called for the full regular cut to be restored on the service. Read More...

Lostpedia is 10 years old!
LogBook Placid Azylum5

On September 22nd 2005, Lostpedia was created. That means it’s now 10 years old! It was also the first anniversary of Lost, and the day after the much anticipated Season 2 premiere was aired. During the years that followed, Lostpedia grew into one of the biggest fansites about the TV series on the internet. It became an incredible resource for fans to keep track of all the twists and storylines within the show as they obsessively documented everything from the number of crash survivors still on the Island, to more bizarre stuff like how many times a season Hurley said dude. I’ve been coming here since 2006, and I’ve been a member since 2007. So in order to mark this milestone, I’d like to go through 10 things which had a significant impact on the site, and shaped it into what it is today. Read More...

5 Years After LOST - Why It's Wrong To Judge the Show on The End

5 years after Lost’s ending, I still hear and read the opinion “that it was rubbish.” That it “didn’t make sense” or “it was a complete let down.” And yeah, astonishingly people still think they were dead all along. This post is my attempt to explain why Lost’s final episode hit the nail on the head in doing what it was supposed to do, and while it may have disappointed some (more on that later) it was certainly not rubbish. It was actually quite brilliant. Read More...

10 Years On: Damon Lindelof Reveals Why He "Broke Down Sobbing" and Opens Up About Show's Legacy

Something really awful tends to happen when we lose someone we love—especially if the death itself didn't play out exactly the way that we might have imagined. For a period of time, all we can think about is the end, about the death itself, about how the final weeks or days or moments that maybe didn't exactly go how we had hoped.

There's a period of grieving. And shock. And sorrow. But over time, if we are lucky, we start to focus again on what really actually mattered: That person's life. All the moments and experiences that made us love them so very much in the first place. You know, what really actually mattered. The living.

It's time to do that for Lost.

Celebrating 10 Years of LOST - Share Your Story!
1x01 Jack Hurley Claire

10 years? Has it really been that long? I am of course talking about 10 years since the Lost Pilot first hit television screens and kick started a worldwide phenomenon. It was one of the most explosive TV pilots of all time, quite literally in the case of the opening sequence. At the time it aired, it was the most expensive pilot in TV history, rolling in at around $12 million – but it was worth every penny as 18 million tuned in to watch it. So it really has been 10 years since this incredible show took over our lives, and I’m glad to have been a part of it from the very start. I have a small confession to make though – I wasn’t there from the least not September 22nd, 2004. I am British, and therefore never had the opportunity to watch Lost from the start. No, my tenth anniversary is just under a year from now, on August 10th. That’s the date it first aired in 2005 in the UK, and the first opportunity I had to watch the show. Read More...

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