Canadian resident, first saw Lost when I bought the season one DVD set to while away some time in a remote location.

What I love

Favourite characters to see on screen: Hurley & Saïd. I hope Saïd recovers from his descent into evil, and that Hurley gets to take his shirt off sometime. (Yes, I know that isn't the usual English transliteration of his name).

Mysteries hints and little pieces of information that will eventually add up to something

Fitting stories within stories: details like the Losties being in a 1970s DHARMA recruitment photo, Nikki & Paulo discovering the ?-hatch first, and things that are discovered later having been there all along. I also respect the cleverness of the crew managing to pretend they have planned things all along by reshooting scenes from the pilot or going back and fitting a story to details that actually were not significant at the time.

Most sexually desirable character: Danielle Rousseau

Ben's Double-Crossing: I love watching characters do deep, deep manipulations with many layers, because I can't do it at all myself.

What I don't like

Yeah I like this show, but it falls into some boring TV patterns.


  • Enough with the punching already!
  • Is there a single episode where no one gets punched?
  • Jacob punches the MiB and hurts him, right after Mother has said they can't hurt each other.

Anachronisms Some people would shrug and say "so what" at errors like

  • the beer can pull tabs,
  • The food pyramid seen on the wall of the cafeteria was not created until 1992, or
  • a CD player with the faceplate removed is visible in the 1977 Dharma van.

The reason that these are sad errors is not that seeing them is so glaring, but that getting it right is so evocative. Every time an older viewer sees something that makes them go "oh yeah, I remember that," or a younger viewer sees something that makes them realize, "huh? I guess that's what those looked like then," it really sets the scene. Otherwise you're doing the temporal equivalent of flashing stock footage of the Eiffel Tower then cutting to a generic interior.

Addressed Former Complaints

  • Hurley gets used for comic relief too often. FIXED! Hurley is a hero now!
  • They seem to have a Lost style guide that forbids the word whom. Even the most educated characters, the ones in the past, and the ones who have learned English formally as a second language never use the word. FIXED! Hilariously, this was addressed in a podcast. (Yes, I was the one who sent the question). I only intended to let the writers know that there was someone out there who missed the M, and they ran with it, pretending the word was banned on set. It's been a podcast running joke ever since. I love the podcasts!

What I hope to see

Scenes I hope to see:

  • The building of the statue, or at least something of the people who built it. I'm okay without it now.
  • Hurley with his shirt off. Really.
  • The reincorporation of the numbers into the end of the story.

Information I want revealed

  • What's the deal with the pregnant women all dying? whacky theory: the island controls the creation of life and the denouement of the entire series will be a 'life begins at conception' anti-abortion diatribe, just to give a one-two punch to the Men of Science.'
  • How did Charles Widmore become an Other and how did he leave? theory: deal with the devil/left through the wheel
  • Why does Pierre Chang keep using different aliases? theory: to make it more difficult for people on different projects to realize they are dealing with the same man
  • How does the FST connect to the OT? theory: OT will disappear entirely as a dead end and FST will be the only reality
    • Turns out it was kind of the other way around.
  • What happened to Walt and what was up with all his specialness and the yurt people? old theory: kidnapped by Widmore. New theory: Discarded storyline.
  • What gave Jacob's foster mother her power and knowledge (and delusions)? theory: someone dumped the same story and duties on her, ab aeterno


  • What are the whispers? theory: people talking in other timelines ANSWER: Dead, trapped people.
  • How did Richard Alpert get to the island? yay, done! ANSWER: as a slave on a ship
  • Who were Adam and Eve and who laid them there? theory: Bernard & Rose ANSWER: Jacob laid his unnamed brother and his foster mother to rest there.
  • How and when did the Others decide Latin was the language of the enlightened? theory: an educated member at some point wanted a command language for addressing an elite inner core of the group ANSWER: Jacob's people settled the island and started the Others during the time of the Roman Empire, and Latin was the common language among the shipwrecked peoples.
  • Who built the frozen donkey wheel? theory: the ancients who established Earth as a place to keep the evil ANSWER: The MiB himself, and others of his time built the wheel.
  • How did the Black Rock get so far inland? ANSWER: The surging water also washed the ship into the middle of the jungle. (From the enhanced Ab Aeterno). I don't really like it, but it's supposed to be the answer.

Loose ends I know I'll never know

  • What happened to Svetlana the cow?

Predicted ending: I was initially predicting the ending that already happened in LA X: everyone gets off the plane in LA with seemingly nothing happened to them, but with a few little issues, maybe a bit of sand in someone's luggage, a cut that someone doesn't remember getting, like Jack's scar. I'm still holding out for an ending like that, but with the best possible reality for each of them, as if it had been that way all along.

I'm happy with the ending we got.

Favourite theories

  • I don't think there is really a 'sickness,' other than madness, that Rousseau went crazy and killed her team on false suspicions.

Disproved Theories

  • Richard Alpert is not so much immortal as unfixed in time, so when he has the same appearance after 50 years, it's because he didn't take 50 years to get there. - wrong
  • The Island picks those it wants. - close Jacob is picking them.

Good & Evil

The Saïd is evil thing is interesting. At first the recurring theme of Saïd being forced by circumstances to torture, even though he was really a good man seemed a bit like Worf in ST:TNG: the Klingon getting beaten up by every alien-of-the-week just to show how badass the alien was. Here I thought the viewers and Saïd were being asked to accept that when the exigency was great enough, torture was acceptable, just to show how dire the situation was. But it turns out Lost wasn't playing that game, instead arguing through Saïd that what you do builds what you are, brick by brick. Saïd knew this, trying to say no to participating in the violence surrounding his brother's family. I would like to see Saïd redeemed, but fear it will be cheesy.

The identical backstory is used for Mr. Eko as for Saïd: as a child he steps forward to make a kill that his brother has been asked to do. In Eko's case the victim is an old man and the murder is to protect his brother's innocence; in Saïd's case the victim is a chicken and the killing is for dinner, done by Saïd instead of the squeamish brother either to protect his brother from his father's wrath, or just to mock his brother. It's a little weird that killing a chicken is presented as a rite of manhood. I would expect that most of the time the women did it, as it's part of cooking.

All the killing on the island is done by people who are given an evil side. John who becomes the monster is the one who kills the boar. Jinn the corporate heavy is the one who kills fish. Hurley and Charlie are innocent so they can't kill fish. They all eat meat, so is the message that we are okay to profit from the evil of others?

I think we see the same theme from Dogan when he refrains from killing Saïd. Dogan knows that every time he kills it weighs on him.

Irritating Plot Holes

  • Kate's mysteriously starts lactating in order to feed Claire's baby (a podcast question, but a very good one)
  • Goodwin is outed as an other because he was dry when the others came out of the water. So was Bernard.
  • Sawyer gives up on escape from Hydra Island when he is shown that it is separate from the main island, but he is shown to be a competent swimmer after he jumps from the helicopter. Why doesn't he consider himself capable of swimming the channel?
  • Boone is a lifeguard but he doesn't know how to perform CPR. There's no implication elsewhere that Boone is stupid, deceptive, or lying about being a lifeguard. You don't get to be a lifeguard by having a good tan. You have to demonstrate competency in a number of lifesaving techniques. For that matter, why doesn't he participate in the swim rescue?
  • They state that the names of the dead have been crossed off, so it should be a full roster of who is left on the Island. This is nonsense, because they have no way of knowing all the names of the dead. They only know the names of the ones they found who still had their ID on them. The manifest is useful, but not as stated.

Favourite Lostipedia pages

  1. I love the show Ace of Cakes and was editing the Wiki and watching TV when it came on, with that brilliant muppet opening parody. Who did pack all the tarps?
  2. Celebok's ridiculous theories page.

Campaign to Allow Newbie Blogs

As a result of someone joining and immediately posting spoilers to a blog, a policy has been enacted to prevent new Lostipedia members from posting any blogs for their first four days. I oppose this policy and think it is counterproductive for the community, and even for its intended purpose.

First of all, someone who has just joined may be unfamiliar with wikiing and somewhat confused about where and what they can post anyway. On encountering an error trying to blog, they are prevented from doing the one thing they should be able to do without interfering with others' edits or having their style criticized. So if they don't give up in confusion, "I thought I could edit the wiki but it won't let me," they'll move on to post their initial experiments in the main namespace.

This is why a probationary period on blogs has the opposite of the desired effect: it sends newbies into the main namespace. And that's the innocent newbies. If the newbie has spoilers and doesn't realize they are taboo here, he will have a sense of urgency to get them published and share the wealth. Instead of being safely contained in an obscure newbie blog that few people read, they are published in an existing and much watched page. Escalating the problem, someone who posts spoilers deliberately, knowing they are against the rules, is by definition someone who defies rules, so if their blog is off limits, they'll post their spoilers in the main area. It would make more sense if the restriction were the other way around: the new member can post blogs and edit his user page for a few days before being given edit access to the main name space.

In any event, the error message generated by a new member trying to blog is obscure and unfriendly. There is no way to know that error 322 is the "new members can't blog" rule.

And I can't even blog this. Maybe I'll post it over in Recon/Theories.

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