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  • I live in Pittsburgh, PA
  • I was born on April 25
  • My occupation is Front Desk
  • I am Male
Jack giddy

About me

I first heard about the premise of Lost before it aired and was intrigued. I'm not much one to catch TV shows when they're actually on, so I just asked for the first season on DVD for Christmas when it came out. The first bit I ever actually saw of Lost was when I was in the waiting room at the local ER because my daughter fell at the playground (she was fine), but the snippet was when they were trying to locate Shannon's inhaler. My wife got the DVD set for me, and I watched and enjoyed it. Then I fell out of the loop for years, ignoring spoilers.

In August of 2009 I caught word that the upcoming sixth season would be the final one, so I took seasons 2-4 out of the library and watched them. (Lost is a lot more fun when you're not left hanging for a week!) In October 2009 I was up to date, thanks to watching season 5 online.

Favorite characters:

Ben Linus: Is utterly cool. Bad guy or no, he rocks.

Jack Shephard: Also super cool!

John Locke: Cool!

Zoe: Is utterly hot.

Not so favorite:

Kate Austen: Oh, she's pretty and all, but the character has seemed more and more wooden as the seasons progressed. Kate, in terms of character development, has gone exactly nowhere. So she raised a kid. Doesn't seem to have changed her at all.


Miles: "Did you ever think you may be causing the thing you're trying to prevent?"

-everyone is silent-

Miles: "Glad you thought this through."

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