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I am an old man in dry season (Eliot's Phrase). I am a product of Western education, a left hemisphere person. However, I appreciate ZEN; THE EIGHT_FOLD PATH, ANCIENT CHINESE THINKING. I am a person uncomfortable with technology. I practice medicine and psycotherapy as well as perform forensic examinations of the living (often the terminal patients). I value human life. It took years fo me to accept religion as true.

I have published about 20 scientific papers (not that many) but am hardly a lab rat. I also worked in the promotion of drugs as a consultant. I have grown weary of RU486, DHEAS, bone density studies, Avandia, Statins: research as well promoting their use. I have returned to the books of my youth before medicine got in the way of real learning. I have flipped houses ( renovate and resell), owned a quarry, have tenant farmers, have returned to my conifers and roses, have speculated in the bond market and will continue to do for 1-2 more years. I know the Bogart move well. Walk away into the darkness alla Casablanca. --Past recaptured 21:03, September 29, 2010 (UTC)

This is Francis Thompson's Hound of Heaven. If you read Thompson's poem, you will see an underlying theme of LOST. You do not pick God. God picks you.

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