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Fame was like a drug, but what was even more like a drug were the drugs.

- Homer J Simpson

TV Shows
LOST, 24, The Simpsons, NCIS, Family Guy, South Park

About Me:

I'm a LOST fan from Northern Virginia, USA. I started out mostly updating information for The Lost Experience, but now have moved on to bettering the rest of Lostpedia.

My Current Projects:

Updating show info as it comes out
Rewriting bullet dominated articles (see Category:Rewrite to help)
Keeping some control over "newbie theories" (they grow like weeds)
Trying to make some sense of all this new information

Pages I Recommend:

Jack · Kate · Sayid · Shannon · Locke · Libby · Desmond· Danielle Rousseau · Kelvin · Alvar Hanso · Penelope Widmore · Him · Alex · Benjamin Linus · Juliet Burke · Rachel Blake

Locations and Items
The Swan · The Staff · The Pearl · The Hydra · The Flame · Drug Smuggler's Plane · Rousseau's Camp · Dark Territory · The Barracks · The Others' Camp · Pala Ferry · The Statue · The Capsule Dump · The Listening Station · Otherville · Crossword Puzzle · Hydra observation room

The Black Rock · Blast Door Map · DHARMA Initiative · The Discharge · The Distress Signal · Hanso Foundation · Hieroglyphics · The Lockdown Incident · The Monster · The Numbers · Orientation Films · The Others · The Statue · Supply Drop · Whispers

1X03 - KateIsland

Favorite episodes:

Lost0223 anomaly

10) "Lockdown"
9) "Not in Portland"
8) "Pilot, Part 2"
7) "One of Us"
6) "The Economist"
5) "Exodus, Part 2"
4) "The Lie"
3) "The Constant"
2) "Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1"
1) "Because You Left"

Favorite characters/actors/actresses:


10) Jack
9) Desmond
8) Hurley
7) Kate
6) Shannon
5) Sawyer
4) Juliet
3) Locke
2) Ben
1) Sayid

My Random thoughts, theories, and commentary:

Sayid Juliet and Sawyer
"One of Us"

I've got to say, this episode left me wanting more like no other episode has, with the exception of Live Together, Die Alone since it was a season finale. The episode did such a good job of portraying Juliet as sincere for the first 55 minutes, for a second I thought she might actually be "one of us". Silly me, guess I should have trusted Sayid's judgment. I really wanted Juliet to truly be on the survivors' side, partly for Jack's sake. In all honesty, it's still possible she has changed and betrayed Ben; just because she has followed Ben's plan thus far, doesn't mean she'll continue to. As for where the Others have gone and what they are up to, I can't even begin to guess. But I do know one thing, Locke shouldn't be trusted for anything.

John Locke
Exploding sub

Locke certainly isn't one of my favorite characters because of his personality, personally I always tend to agree with Sayid or Jack. But, the mystery surrounding Locke and his motives for some of his inexplicable actions keep me coming back for more. I believe John is one of two or three characters (the others being Ben and of course Him) that are the keys to solving the whole mystery of the show.

"The Brig"
Locke and richard

Another great (and very revealing) episode. First off, it instantly struck me when I saw the ruins and pole that Cooper was tied up on that they had to be related to the Four-toed statue. Hopefully they will both be explored more in "The Man Behind the Curtain" when we learn about Ben's past. Next, I've been thinking a lot about what Ben and Alpert said to Locke during his stay with the Others. Ben told them "He (Locke) is not who we though he was", so who did they think he was? Special? As Alpert told Locke, the Others are on the Island for more important reasons than to solve fertility problems, so what exactly are they doing? Does this mean they are still trying to "save the world as we know it" like the DHARMA Initiative?

Danielle wants dynamite
The fact that Anthony Cooper was the original Sawyer didn't come as much of a surprise to me, but I thought it was very fitting. As soon as Locke told Sawyer when you hear what he has to say, you'll want to kill him, I knew it had to be him. But I thought the most interesting thing that happened during Locke and Sawyer's stay in the Black Rock was when Rousseau came looking for dynamite. I'm now fairly sure that Juliet has turned against Ben and is on the Losties side. Here's what I believe is going to happen: The secret that Jack and Juliet were holding back is the knowledge that the Others are coming to their camp. Thus, Jack has convinced Rousseau to rig the camp with the dynamite similar to how she rigged her own camp in Season 1. If I'm correct, Jack and Juliet will soon have them evacuate the camp, and Juliet will finally get her sweet revenge against Ben.

More to come...

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