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Don't we deserve something good?


ROFLMAO my favorite Lostpedia page, Muffin Drop


Pilot, Part 1 - my favorite Season 1 episode, though I really loved Confidence Man

2x09 Kate Sam

What Kate Did - my favorite Season 2 episode


I Do - my favorite Season 3 episode tied with Flashes Before Your Eyes


The Constant - my favorite Season 4 episode, with Eggtown and Cabin Fever coming awfully close


LaFleur - my favorite Season 5 episode with the finale, The Incident, Part 1 and The Incident, Part 2 following as a close second

6x03 WhatKateDoes

What Kate Does - my favorite Season 6 episode so far - gotta love Kate :)


Stranger in a Strange Land - the flashback set that I dislike the most, closely followed by Exposé and S.O.S.


Season One - my favorite season

The Tempest logo

The Tempest - my favorite DHARMA station


Skate - Mmmhmm you know it :)


Suliet - Well if Skate can't be, hey this works too :)


Lost Untangled - They are funny & I do the transcripts :)

LOST totalback

Blast Door Map - it's super cool! Need I say more?

Find815 3

Find 815 - My first ARG


1x01 Wreckage
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Juliet's house This user lives in the Barracks.
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"Hello" yourself, box man

Hello! I'm noileh as you can clearly see, and I'm 16 years old. I've been a member of Lostpedia for a small time, but have been avidly looking things up for awhile. My sister got me hooked on Lost in February of 2008 and I have since watched all Seasons 1-5 episodes, including the enhanced versions and the Missing Pieces mobisodes and am up to date with all of the Official Lost Podcasts since that time. My knowledge of the show ranges far, even into those dark little corners full of dust. I know a lot, have seen a lot, and am up-to-date with the latest theories and spin-offs. I hope to soon get Lost:Via Domus for the computer... and maybe a couple of those jigsaw puzzles too. I am also looking into getting the board game and the figurines and all the issues of the Lost magazine - if you know any good places to find these hard to get items PLEASE drop me a message. :)

You can drop me a message on my talk page if you need to contact me.

Meh pages

Meh sandbox

Psst..... the band Previously on Lost ROCKS!


Me Kate. Me throw rock

I'd have to say by far one of my favorite characters on the show is Kate. (I also love Sawyer, Miles, Claire, Juliet, Hurley and Alex.. and Ana-Lucia/Libby until they died). Quick note: I cannot BELIEVE that Alex was killed so ruthlessly! Keamy didn't even finish counting! Anyways.. back to things... Thus, I love the episodes What Kate Did, I Do, and Eggtown. I'll admit that from the beginning I was a hardcore Jate shipper, as the producers did put an excessive amount of focus on that developing relationship, but Jack has developed poorly and I am disliking what he is becoming on the Island. Thus, with the derivation from Jate to Skate within the show, I have moved towards that. And since the intro of Suliet... well I'm just confused! I hated Jacket so its all good with me in that sense, but I'm not really sure whether I like Sawyer with Juliet or Kate better. Not sure I mind actually. He'll choose whatever is right in the end, and I can't say I didn't see Suliet coming. As long as Jack doesn't get either girl, its all good. Frankly I'm becoming more and more pissed with Jack each episode, and my sister and I agree that he could use to be shot in the leg any day now. Especially with his whole "WE HAZ TO GO BACK" crap. Its funny, but really Jack? Get a life man and for God's sake lose the beard.

The plane had a black box, idiot. They know exactly where we are

Unfortunately I joined the Lost family too late for The Lost Experience - but I was able to snag a late bandwagon heading over to Find 815. I loved the interaction that ABC gave viewers with the introduction of The Lost Experience and Find 815, and I especially loved how it all wrapped back up into the actual show. I was totally all in for the DHARMA Initiative Recruiting Project even if they kicked me out cause I cheated. :) My assigned job was as a Proof Reader which isn't all that bad but yeah the whole ARG rocked. I loved how we got sent the little videos before the premiere of season 5! And I absolutely love how they are still planning to release more video chats with Damon and Carlton. Although I do wonder what they were originally planning to do with the ending of that ARG... But if ABC does choose to release more ARGs in the future - count me in 100%.

These are my people. The DHARMA Initiative!

The DHARMA Initiative ROCKS! What is up with them and the Island - I don't know - but I cannot wait to find out. Personally, my favorite DHARMA station still in existence is the Tempest just because it is cool and has a spine-chilling purpose. The Swan is awesome though, and it would have been sweet to live there (minus the button-pushing of course!). I'm really intrigued as to what is going to be revealed about the DHARMA Initiative in the future, especially their importance on the show seeing as the majority are dead following the Purge. I'm also excited for the revelation of Annie's importance as well as fate as well as that of the blast door map. Right now, in Season 5, I'm loving how we are learning more of the DHARMA backstory, including more places in the Barracks that we have never seen before. It's really interesting to me to see what life is like in the DHARMA community, especially now that our survivors are living there. Oh and I dig the motor pool jumpsuits. Kate and Juliet look spiffy in them! And Jack? In that blue polo? Man I hate him, but he looked goood in that :)

That guy...sees the future, dude

The time travel on the show is just mind-boggling... I loved loved loved The Constant. Daniel Faraday is insane and the mystery as to his wacked-out memory has yet to be revealed... I have a feeling he is going to end up saving everyone in the end, if he can save himself first! Update: Well season 5 just totally confirms this! Even though I am still a bit iffy about the presentation of the episodes I have a feeling that it will all turn out well. I can't wait for each new episode, as the Island and time-travel just unravel before our eyes. New Update: Frankly, I'm glad the time-traveling stopped. It was getting to be just a bit too much. I think that it's really cool that they landed in the 70s, but now I'm wondering, how did half of Flight 316 land in the present and half land in the 70s? That makes no sense!

Um...yeah, I'm just not very good with babies

So my bestest friend from the Lostpedia IRC Chat Trivia room (btw I'm 3rd overall - I pwn), her name is Jackie and she owns. :) Anyways Jackiezzz and I have a family!(I hope you are catching that this is all a joke - if not, well it is) So here's all you ever wanted to know about me and Jackie and our family!

Charlie Aaron James - 8 months (Australian accent)(Jackie)
Katherine Elizabeth - Due in May (American accent)(Me)
Penelope Juliet - Not in existence - future plan (British accent)(Jackie)
Jacob Richard - Not in existence - future plan (Italian accent)(Me)

Living Conditions
We live on the Island in the Barracks
We live here because they have swingsets for the kids, chickens and the secret rooms behind bookshelves. Also, we dig having electricity and nice houses. Living in the jungle isn't fun.
We have a summer home. It is called Jacob's cabin. Charlie built it for his baby brother. Or, he will at some point. Don't question it.

My Favorite Quotes

Oh yeah, Libby says hi.

Ana-Lucia to Hurley in ("The Lie")

I'm in the circle of trust.

Miles to Radzinsky in ("Some Like It Hoth")

Locke- What is this?
Richard- It's a compass
Locke- What does it do?
Richard- It points north, John.

("Because You Left")

I'm sorry I forgot the blankets.

Hurley to Libby in ("?")

Taco night?! I don't do taco night!

Kate to Kevin in ("I Do")

It's very stressful being an Other..

Juliet to Jack in ("The Other Woman")

Sawyer - You taste like strawberries.
Kate - You taste like fish biscuits.

("The Glass Ballerina")

Wait a second. We're not going to Guam, are we?

Lapidus to Jack in ("316")

Jack - What's your job, besides making sandwiches?
Juliet - Oh, I didn't make it. I just put the toothpicks in.

("A Tale of Two Cities")

We're on the same plane, Jack. Doesn't make us together.

Kate to Jack in ("316")

Jack and Locke are a little too busy worrying about Locke and Jack.

Ana-Lucia to Sayid in ("The Whole Truth")

If you say live together die alone to me Jack, I'm gonna punch you in your face.

Rose to Jack in ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")

Don't you recognize it? Fell out of the purple haze. If we don't play every hundred and eight minutes, the Island's gonna explode!

Sawyer to Jack in ("Catch-22")

Baby, I am tied to a tree in a jungle of mystery. I just got tortured by a damn spinal surgeon and a gen-u-ine I-raqi. Of course, I'm serious.

Sawyer to Kate in ("Confidence Man")

Ana-Lucia - Shut up. When I tell you to do something, you do it -- I say move, you move -- I say stop, you stop. I say jump, what do you say?
Sawyer - You first.

("Everybody Hates Hugo")

Kate - And if you're wrong, then everyone on the Island dies. Do you understand that?
Jack - I'm not wrong, Kate.

("Follow the Leader")

No, John, unfortunately we don't have a code for "There's a man in my closet with a gun to my daughter's head." Although we obviously should.

Ben to Locke in ("Exposé")

The guy's a freak of nature. Highly disturbed. Chances are he probably killed all his mates at the post office the day his mum forgot to put a cookie in his lunch tin. That was my first impression, anyway.

Charlie to Jack (referring to Locke) in ("Hearts and Minds")

Those things had to happen to me. That was my destiny. But you'll understand soon enough that there are consequences to being chosen... because, destiny, John, is a fickle bitch.

Ben to Locke in ("Cabin Fever")

Are you having fun yet, Freckles?
This is just a collection of random fun things :D Enjoy!

The F.U.N Song!

The F.U.N

The F.U.N. Song

Addicted to Lost?

Addicted to LOST? Commercial

Addicted to LOST? Commercial

The Sawyer Song

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